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15 Weird Jobs That Pay Ridiculously Well

15 Weird Jobs That Pay Ridiculously Well
15 Weird Jobs That Pay Ridiculously Well

Hello Young Billionaires welcome back it’s time to talk about jobs but not any regular jobs those few jobs that seem weird yet Pay surprisingly well.

Sometimes you don’t have to go to med school, be an investor or a CEO to make a lot of money.

There are plenty of underrated jobs or new industries that pay very well, and you need a little to no qualification for them.

By taking a few risks on a job that’s less noble you can make millions of dollars.

It might seem hard to believe but, we’re going to show you that there are many more jobs waiting for you out there.

You still have to put in the work, dedication and time but they’re different than what we all know works.

So if you’re looking for a new job or business ventures this is the right place to get some inspiration.

1- Crane operator 500k dollars Per year

Operating huge machines and helping build skyscrapers is not an easy job to be sure, some of the people who work on these sites and we don’t mean engineers or architects earn a lot of money.

Being a crane operator in New York will fetch you about 500k dollars per year including overtime and benefits.

It might seem like a very underrated job and it has its downsides of course, but 500K dollars is good money.

If you want to see what it’s like there are a few crane operators that like to vlog a day in the life.

Crane operator Dorlita Knobbe at SIG; Rail operations at the BNSF’s Seattle International Gateway, October 6, 2010.

2- Professional organizer 250 dollars per hour

When you hoard clothes, beauty products, shoes and other things to the point you can’t open a drawer or closet you need to hire a professional organizer.

Yes a person that will come to your home and help you de clutter and organize everything.

These jobs are becoming more and more popular because celebrities and rich people praise them, a professional organizer will spend a few days in your home decluttering and organizing.

And charge you 250 dollars per hour for their services, if you have the skills and the patiences this job might be well suited for you.

3- Cartographer 100K dollars per year

If you’ve never heard of a cartographer don’t worry it’s not the most common job in the world.

There are people who designed maps and collected geographical information so they can create a visual representation of that data.

A bachelor’s degree in cartography, geography, geomatics, or surveying is the most common track to pursue this occupation so how much does it pay?

Over 100K dollars per year which is way over the average salary in the US, you wish you paid more attention in geography class now don’t you.

4- Pearl diver 1200 dollars per day

If water is like your second home we know a job suitable for your skills pearl diver, this job requires you to know how to dive and skim the ocean floor for special pearl making shells.

The major downside of this job Is pearls can be found in certain areas of the seas so you can’t just do it anywhere.

A professional pearl diver is paid up to 1200 dollars per day so if you decide to commit and work five days per week your monthly salary will round up to 25,200.00 dollars per month.

Which is over 300K dollars per year not bad right and you also see beautiful pearls and lots of interesting ocean life.

5- Professional mermaid 300 dollars per hour

We’ve got to admit that most girls have dreamt of becoming a mermaid ever since watching ariel.

Since mermaids don’t actually exist there’s only one possibility of fulfilling this dream.

Being a professional mermaid, this is actually a job people can do and it involves entertaining people at parties and teaching others how to swim like a mermaid.

For 300 dollars per hour you could easily make some good money each month while having fun in the water and pretending to be the little mermaid.

6- Ethical hacker 160K dollars Per year

Although it sounds like a job that involves robbing people or banks, modern hackers could also be ethical hackers they’re hired by the government or private companies to help them with security breaches or other problems.

They also test browsers and software to see where weaknesses are hiding so the company can make the product better and more safe.

Some of the best in the industry can make more than 160K dollars Per year.

Cropped shot of a young computer programmer looking through data

7- Urine farm collector 300K dollars Per Deer

This one is by far the weirdest job you’ve ever heard of, a Urine farm collector is a person hired to collect urine from deer in order to use it as a hunting lore.

The process involves collecting the urine bottling it and preserving it in a refrigerator until it sold.

Some claim the job is not as nasty as it sounds and can pay upwards of 90K to 300K dollars per deer which translates to millions, maybe that’s why hunting is a passion Rich people have.

8- Bounty hunter one million dollars per year

When you hear of a bounty hunter you’re probably thinking of hired killers and other scenarios Hollywood is given us.

But it’s not quite like that a professional bounty hunter pursues criminal fugitives in exchange for a monetary reward upon capture.

Not the most common job that’s for sure, not all bounty hunters are paid equally but those who do it well can earn up to one million dollars per year which is more than most jobs pay on upper management.

However you should note that in the U. S. they’re required to have a special license.

9- Medical illustrator one million dollars per year

Have you ever wondered who is drawing all those intricate medical illustrations you see in books and articles, well there are special illustrators hired for that job.

In some countries everything related to the medical field is highly appraised and well paid, some medical illustrators can earn up to one million dollars per year depending on the project and the client.

Since you need to be certified this is a niche Because not any graphic designer can do the job those who do it well are paid even better.

10- Ferrari driver instructor 120K dollars per year

When you buy a luxury sports car such as a Ferrari you’ll need to get a few driving lessons first, because one doesn’t simply drive a Ferrari.

This is a job for retired NASCAR pilots or driving enthusiasts, the average salary for this job is around 120K dollars and it involves driving all types of Ferrari cars.

Depending on your skills and background you could charge up to 90K dollars for driving lessons since the cars are bought by rich people money is no problem for them, and since we’re talking luxury sports cars here check out our Shop For The fastest & Most Expensive cars .

11- Sex toy reviewer 53K dollars per year

Having a side hustle can bring in some serious cash to help you retire at 40 You could do various jobs depending on your skills and time.

There is one side hustle that pays surprisingly well and mixes business with pleasure.

Being a sex toy reviewer pays up to 53K dollars per year and you only need to work a few hours per week.

Most companies in this industry are looking for women but men are also welcome too so if you would like to spice up your downtime maybe you could even make a living out of it.

12- Meme manager millions of dollars

We all know a few famous cats on the internet like grumpy cat, Nyan cat, sheen or keyboard cat since they reached a certain level of fame naturally they needed a manager.

This is how a new job appeared on the market cat manager or meme manager because they need one too.

There’s this guy called Ben lashes who calls himself a meme manager and makes around 150K dollars per client.

His other clients include ridiculously photogenic guy and scumbag Steve memes.

Monetizing memes Includes advertising Licensing for merchandising and Licensing in the digital world this is a perfect job for millennials.

13- Vegan food director 65K dollars

If you think the best job doesn’t exist you haven’t heard of this one, the company is looking to hire a lucky traveler who’ll travel the world tasting vegan food.

You could travel to Asia Europe and South America looking for new flavors and dishes to help the company developing new products.

it’s more of a research type of job that includes traveling and eating The only qualification Is you need three years of experience in the food business or as a chef.

They will pay you 65K dollars for the job yes you don’t actually need to be vegan to qualify.

14- Luxury mattress tester over 100K dollars

All products released on the market need to be tested even the comfiest ones, when it comes to beds and mattresses there are people hired to test them out meaning they have to sleep and spend time in bed for thirty days and then report.

Luxury brands will pay you up to 100K dollars for the job and sometimes you could do it from home, some include traveling to other countries to test new fabrics and technology but you got to sleep on some of the best mattresses on the market.

While also making bank that’s definitely a job that won’t break your back or cause too much pain.

15- Airplane repo up to 100K dollars per plane

Switching industries we’re now looking into aviation, pilots and flight attendants make good money each year but it’s a risky & tiring job, there is another job in this industry that pays really well And that is airplane repossession.

Like bounty hunters airplane repossession workers earn a sizeable commission for every airplane they locate, about six to ten percent of the planes at resale price.

Banks usually hire them to repossess the plane when payments are overdue, if a planes price is a one million dollars and you get a ten percent chunk of it with one gig per month you’re a millionaire.

Well that sums up some of the most Unexpected well paying jobs out there but there are many other just as unusual that will get you a nice fat paycheck.

Maybe you do it on the side or maybe you want to try something new but know that there is a diverse city out there and it pays pretty well to say the least.

You could also venture out and invent a new job this way you could charge as much as you want for it.

The sky’s the limit Now tell us what would you do for a million dollars be honest and write it in the comments below, we can’t wait to hear your answers and since you stuck with us until the end what could that Possibly mean Of course here’s your bonus.

16- house sitter

What job allows you to travel the world stay in the most amazing houses and live a life of a millionaire well that of a house sitter.

Of course this is a job that doesn’t pay too much because it doesn’t have to, you don’t pay rent because you live in someone else’s house no groceries because they leave the food as well no utilities and no commitment you basically live their life on their expense so would you do it?

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