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Weed Millionaire Review Scam or Legit? Results Of The 250$ Test Revealed!

Weed Millionaire app is now popular in some investors in many countries all around the world.

Marijuana is being legalized in many countries that is why many developers create a trading software designed to trade marijuana stock worldwide.

Canada is one of the countries legalized marijuana that is why weed stocks are exploding.

That is the reason why the founder of Dragon Den created this Weed Millionaire App in early 2019.

Dragon Den is a new CFD Cannabis trading signals service that is authorized for providing tools and features designed to earn profits with the app Weed Millionaire.

This software is claiming to be the best auto trading app that has been launched proven by over 1,657 trading sessions.

It is also capable of a fully automated CFD Cannabis trading and also semi-automated trading.

The company Dragon Den is giving an opportunity for ordinary people to transform their lives and earn money.

Background of Marijuana

Across the globe, you can see a massive expansion of the marijuana industry where more countries legalize cannabis. In the United States, reported that 32 states have now legalized marijuana to generate new economic and employment opportunities for many people. They expecting more stated to join in cannabis legalization in the coming years. The marijuana industry estimate using marijuana in the medical market today valued at $8.3 billion soon to be $25 billion in 2025. This industry is expected more production and delivery of marijuana and gives a big impact on economic growth.

Cannabis is known used in the medical field to cure many diseases. Here are some advantages of using cannabis as a medicine:

· Cannabis can be used to reduce the risk of Hepatitis C.

· It reduces pain affecting by Parkinson’s disease.

· Protects brain damage due to stroke.

· Ease pain and avoid nausea of people who went through therapy.

· It helps prevents nightmares

Weed Millionaire Works?

Weed Millionaire is a weed investing automatic robot which buys and sells marijuana contracts based on algorithmic settings. The moment you sign up to this application you will be forwarded to a designated page for buyers and sellers area where you can buy Cannabis CFD stocks shares and even trade your assets in an auto-pilot. This application certainly gives easy money even while you’re sleeping.

Steps to have an Account

· Go to the official website then sign up by providing the information such as name and email address.

· In the Weed Millionaire member’s area, you can create a broker account using your real information then the Weed Millionaire Trading Software will automatically assign you a broker.

· Next is to deposit a money minimum of $250 into your account.

· Then you can start.

There is an auto trading mode that will help newbies who are trying to learn curve and increased profit.

Weed Millionaires Software Features

· Offers Average of 92% of winning chances

· It is transparent in 1,657 trading sessions the only got one lost.

· Weed Millionaire Application is compatible with both Android and IOS.

· The Weed Millionaire Software also works for any PC and Laptops

· Provide an average of 33 to 87 trading signals daily

The Weed Millionaire gives an opportunity to add shift your financial profile to get even foreign exchange and currencies. It has a complete package of taking care of your assets on your own trading requirements. Trading software uses CFD trading to show a potential trade for a fixed dollar amount. This app makes multiple deals and offers a small portfolio of stock that is a better deal for you.

A $250 is the initial investment amount for all the inspiring investor, this is an initial amount to start trading. If you are a serious trader, with the help of the Weed Millionaire App you can make around $3,700-$7,500 every week. Weed Millionaire offers both Auto-Trading and Manual process, these types own USPs and suit your style of trading. One of their best offers is the Auto-Pilot mode, you just need to keep your software running then let Weed Millionaire do the trading for you.

Is Weed Millionaire Legit or Scam?

The phrase “Weed Millionaire scam” is a popular search on most search engines. Many have reviewed this software and claim it is a scam due to the marketing strategies that many affiliates have used to promote the software. However, we believe that a good review should be focused on the authenticity of the technology it relies on. From our observations, we have found the trading software to be legit. This software operates on a high-speed computer with a claimed track record of over 90% accuracy in trade predictions in the last four years with allegedly only one trading session having losses. So, is the scam story really true? We don’t think so. This software is legit and real.

This software doesn’t take just onto itself which can be thought as a mischievous act, rather it invests traders fund on stock exchanges all around the world to attempt to make profits. This platform is within the reach of everyone having access to the internet, either through a mobile device or a PC. One amazing thing about the trading app is that since it is an automated trading system, investors necessarily need not have background knowledge in trading as the software performs all the functions on autopilot.

Is Weed Millionaire Scam or Legit? The Verdict!

  • 1). Weed Millionaire claims to have a success rate of 90%.
  • 2). The Weed Millionaire software is not a scam, however, risks in automated trading persists.
  • 3). InsideBitcoins recommends investors to start with an investment of $250
  • 4). To try the software for yourself click here.

Opening a Weed Millionaire App Account – Step by Step

In order to start trading on this software, you must first open an account. We recommend to invest not more than the $250 minimum deposit and increase the stakes as your confidence grows in the platform.

Step 1: Registration

The Weed Millionaire website allows its users to download the software free of charge upon registration to the website. The signup page is directly on the homepage of the website. When you’re ready to register, it is advisable to first clear the cookies and cache on your browser. The registration can be done using a few details such as name i.e. First and Last name, Email Address, Password, Country and Phone Number. These details are collected for different reasons. Having your name on your account helps in identifying the owner.

Your e-mail address will be needed to relay information and reports to the investors. Your country of residence will also be required as it will help the software to connect you to a broker within your region. Lastly, your phone number will be needed for verification. Whenever inputting details, it’s important to use real details for proper identification at any funds withdrawal request. Having inputted the necessary information, you can then proceed to continue registration on the signup section. On acceptance, an account will be opened for you which will enable you to participate in live trading. Having done these steps, you can then proceed to deposit.

Step 2: Deposit

The Weed Millionaire system is a platform whose software is available free of charge to its users. However, to start live trading, the user is required to make a deposit on the platform. The platform allows users to make a minimum deposit of $250 to enable live trading. The funds can be deposited through different payment methods made available by the website. However, with SSL protection on the site payment gateway platform, the system recommends that payment should be made using credit cards. Although each broker might have certain requirements depending on the market they are in, the information stated up here is the general information.

Step 3: Demo trading

It is always advisable for every trader to have a demo trade session on any trading robot’s website before proceeding to the live trading markets as this helps to be familiar with the trading interface and the different terminologies used such as Order book, Balance, Liquidity, etc. The demo trading is usually an example of a real trading session although the numbers used are fudged. Having checked through the trade interface and learned the way market interaction is done, you can now proceed for live trading.

Step 4: Trading

The beauty of trading with this software is that the stress of trading and making certain trade decisions is not on the trader as the software does all the work in this respect. All that is required of the trader is to spare between 15 – 20 minutes daily to set certain trade parameters and stop loss ratios on his/her account and then the trading software will work in accordance with these parameters, following financial market news and signals.

Note: You do not have to trade with real money right away. You can try trading in demo mode first before putting your own money at risk for no reason. By doing that you can quickly learn how to use the robot and increase your chances of being successful with it. All you have to do to try a demo account is clicking here.

5 tips to make the most of Weed Millionaire

  • 1. Start Small

The first piece of advice we would like to give you is to start by investing the minimum required for you to start trading. On this platform you can start with $250. You may not make the thousands of dollars per day as they promise, but the robot claims you can build up profits and use that money to increase your earning potential.

  • 2. Withdraw a Percentage of All Returns

Please always withdraw between 25 and 75% of your profits. Never invest all of your profits because you always run the risk of losing all of your funds when trading with crypto, and that would include your profits as well.

  • 3. Follow Expert User Advice

Youtube has many videos explaining the best strategies to use when trading on these kinds of platforms. Even though they are automated, there are still strategies you can adopt, so have a look at a few of those videos and decide on which one you prefer.

  • 4. Keep Tax Records

You will be paying a tax of a sum that depends on the country you reside in, but there will be a tax. We advise to find out how much that is for your country and keep tax records to avoid investing more than what you see in returns.

  • 5. Don’t Invest What You Can’t Afford to Lose

That is fairly self-explanatory. When trading, you must always be ready to lose your money. Even though that is unlikely to happen, trading in this mindset will stop you from taking unnecessary risks by investing more than what your finances allow you to. If you keep those 5 tips in mind, your experience on Weed Millionaire will be easier. Although most users do not make as much profits as the app claims, we have found hundreds of reviews from users who claimed they made a significant profit. If you want to give it a go, click here

Here are some of the stated evidence:

· Messy Website

The first thing to be noticed on their website is messy and disorganized. I agree with this as a viewer. Features of their website overlap itself. There is much information that is not organized and place it anywhere on the website. This application gives earn real money but their website doesn’t look really top notch website. That is why reviewers declaring that Weed Millionaire is a scam.

Secondly, there is useless information on the home page of the website. That information only provides the news report about the legalization of a marijuana industry in Canada but has no relevance to the trading software.

· The Developers

The big question is who leads and supervised on the website. Commonly scenarios are a majority of investors first check the company reputation than the background of the company. This will help if the investor will continue to invest and build trust for that certain company. But in this case, Weed Millionaire software and even their website didn’t provide any information about the developers, team, about us or even contact section. They don’t even present history, background and the owner’s name. That is why many people questioning this website because of a lack of information they provided.

· Generates Money

The deal here is that as long as you run your software and deposited money choosing automated trading you can be able to make money. Weed Millionaire systems provide 99.7% ITM rates and guarantee you for a higher chance to win it what they think is questionable, impossible, or even not realistic.

· Phony Media Mentions

Weed Millionaires is claiming that Forbes, CNN, and CNBC stated a positive review to them but the truth is not. This news channels only covered about the story of legalization of cannabis in Canada but not about the app. This information confuses many people so that they are alleged to be a scam website.

· Users Testimony

The testimony features of the users on this website is suspicious. There is a multitude of Software user testimonials that only stated a positive review about the Weed Millionaire. The testimonials of overly positive is a sign to take caution. If you have a closer look of the user testimonials it didn’t change. We don’t know if it’s just an invented character or they filtered all the comments and only display positive reviews.

· Profitable

There are many complaints about this application from people that have been thieved by it. They saying that they never made any profit in Weed Millionaire and never increased their profit stock in many days. This negative comments and reviews of other people affect our judgment on this application.

This stated evidence is just judgment based on what they see and what they hear, but Weed Millionaire being a scam is not yet proven.


· Even if it has a strong opportunity for everyone, it doesn’t give any assurance that you will be a millionaire right away.

· Without an internet connection, you cannot access the system and it is accessible on the web only.

· Doesn’t provide any guarantee information for the investors.

· Some are unreliable sources and info.


· This software established a computerized trading stock program to get earnings.

· There are no charges and fees

· It has developed for starters and also a professional investor and risk takers.

· The trustworthy system helps to profit fast in the marijuana stocks industry.

· There are no expertise or exceptional skills requires

· Recommend user a bare minimum of the amount and coach them to generate revenue.

Does Weed Millionaire have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, Weed Millionaire does not have a mobile app. However, that must not be a concern because as long as you have a phone with Internet connection, you certainly will be able to access the trading platform on it and trade on-the-go with no difficulties.

Weed Millionaire Review: The Verdict!

Having reviewed this software, we have come to the conclusion that this is a legit robot within the new fast growing Cannabis investment market. The Cannabis industry is growing making it a very desirable investment and it is advised to get in early to be ahead of other investors.

The software itself is functioning and the technology is surprisingly accurate. As always, trade with caution and don’t risk more than you can lose. We recommend only starting with $250 as an initial investment.


As a beginner, how much should I invest on Weed Millionaire?

You can invest as much as you can afford – according to Weed Millionaire, you do not necessarily need to make a big investment to see nice returns. However, the minimum deposit needed for trading is $250.

I have no experience with trading cannabis or any other stocks – will this damage my chances of making money

In automated trading systems, the experience is not needed for it to work for you. The software does all the work.

How will I know what a profitable trade looks like?

Weed Millionaire provides trading signals giving suggestions on the ones you can engage in.

Can I trade cannabis from work?

Yes you can. All you need to be connected to the internet either from your smartphone or PC.

Is trading marijuana stocks on the Weed Millionaire app illegal?

No, it is completely legal as you are simply speculating on the price of marijuana, but not actually selling it.

How do I get started making money on this trading robot?

Fill out the form on their signup page, log in to your account and deposit using your preferred payment method.

remember, all trading carries risk. Views expressed are those of the writers only. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The opinions expressed in this Site do not constitute investment advice and independent financial advice should be sought where appropriate. This website is free for you to use but we may receive a commission from the companies we feature on this site.

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