10 Kids Who Are YouTube Millionaires

10 Kids Who Are YouTube Millionaires
10 Kids Who Are YouTube Millionaires

Hey, guys welcome to YoungBillionaires.Club and today we’re gonna be looking at 10 kids who are Youtube Millionaire.

These range from people who are about 4 to around 15 years old, you might know a few of these kids but for some of them you’ll have no idea who they are.

In fact, the richest channel on YouTube is owned by one of these kids you almost definitely don’t know share if you enjoyed because it really does help us out.

#10 Matty B raps

Now you might know this guy he gets a lot of hate and that’s because he covers a lot of rap music which people are really passionate about.

And then he kind of ruins it or at least that’s what people think, I’m not gonna show any bias because I’m not hating on anyone.

But yeah that’s why he’s controversial he’s been on Youtube since 2010 he has 2 channels his main one with over 12.5 million subscribers and his vlog channel with over 3.83 million subscribers.

He has almost 7 billion views across his two channels which has earned him around 7 million dollars at the age of only 13 and on top of that, his parents are already really rich and live in a mansion in a gated golf club community.

Which is another reason why he gets hate because he was already rich before youtube, would he have been famous if he wasn’t rich in the first place I have no clue but some people really love his music.

#9 Jacob Sartorius

Now everyone knows this kid so many people hate on him for a bunch of different reasons, now obviously he got big on vine first but nowadays he has a huge YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers.

He posted two music videos and other sketches on there and has so many fans on youtube, in fact, he has more fans on youtube then on vine.

He’s got almost a 300 million views on his channel and that’s because he posts music videos that people keep coming back to watch, and they’re going to go up a lot.

When he was a baby his family was poor but he was adopted by a rich family when he was around 4 years old, and that’s why a lot of people hate on him because he was already kind of rich before he was famous.

He’s also made millions of dollars from tours, selling his music on iTunes and merchandise whether you like him or hate him he’s getting a crazy amount of money for his age which is 13.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t end up like some of the other child stars in their adult lifes but he’s already getting a little bit big headed because he’s been recorded being rude to his fans.

#8 EvanTubeHD

You guys may not have heard of this guy before but he’s a massively popular Youtuber but only ten years old.

He has 3 channels the main channel, second channel and a gaming channel all of these channels have around 10 million subscribers put together and an insane 6 billion views which add up to around 6 million dollars.

He pushed a bunch of different content and no one really hates on this kid because barely any people know him.

He also gets money from advertising products and selling merchandise WOW he’s selling out at only 10 years old I’m just kidding guys congrats to him for doing so well on youtube.

but only 10 years old I wish youtube was the thing when I was only 10 here are some clips of his house tour if you don’t believe how rich he is.

#7 Mark Thomas

This is another kid that didn’t get bigger first on youtube but now has a really big channel, some people call him a less famous Jacob Sartorius because he does a lot of the same things.

Plus saying that this guy has over half a million subscribers on his youtube channel, he’s made a few music videos which have gained millions of views and this kid has got so much hate before mainly for his really sexual vines.

But anyway he also does tours and sells merchandise and his music career is just kicking off.

He also does paid adverts for company’s on Instagram and musically which is an app like vine, he makes thousands of dollars from these adverse every single time so he’s made at least 1 million from various things and he’s only 15.

And by what I understand there is more millions to come, however he recently got exposed for sending fans inappropriate photos but that doesn’t seem to slow his carrer Down.

#6 JohnnyOSings

This is another kid who got famous from his singing a lot like Matty B raps, he makes raps and songs but instead of remixes like Matty B raps he makes his own music.

Now he gets a lot of hate because he’s from a rich family and they basically funded his music career to make him famous.

He has a music channel with over 4 million subscribers a vlog channel with nearly half a million subscribers and 600 million views altogether and he’s only 13 but he’s becoming insanely famous.

Lots of people really like his music and he’s made a crazy amount of money from it as well and as I said this guy was already rich.

#5 Tanner Fox

This guy’s a professional stunt scooter rider with almost 9 million subscribers on youtube he only recently turned 16 and is already super rich from doing professional scootering sponsorships and youtube.

And he’s had quite a few haters before because he’s so rich but I’m pretty sure he’s from a normal background and just made the money himself and to be honest some of this guy’s videos are really cool.

And if you don’t believe me about how rich he is for his 16th birthday he bought himself a GTR, he does pretty much daily vlogs on his channel and he’s just starting to blow up so he could actually turn into one of the biggest vloggers on youtube pretty soon.

#4 Carson Lueders

Now this is a kid you may not know I didn’t really know him before this but he’s another kid who does music on youtube.

His channel is pretty big he has over one million subscribers and this kid is actually really good friends with JohnnyOSings who we talked about before.

He only recently turned 15 so he’s crazy rich for his age and I believe that he’s from an average background and didn’t have lots of help starting out so congratulations to his success.

#3 Babyteeth4

Now this is a massive channel run by kids you probably haven’t heard of.

The channel is run by two girls one named Gillian who is 10 and another one named Addie who is 8 They basically make videos on a load of different things like challenges, reviews and vlog style videos.

This channel has almost 2 million subscribers and over one billion views which means these two girls earned over one million dollars from their youtube channel.

Not to mention all of the toys sponsorships they probably get so yeah these kids have the best job a kid could ask for at the age of ten and eight.

#2 Family Fun Pack

This is one featuring a whole family but the kids are mainly the ones to star in the videos, they do similar videos to Babyteeth4 such as challenges vlogs and toy reviews and unboxings.

The family consists of five children Elisa, David, Zack and Chris and they are aged from 4 to 6 years old the channel nearly has 9 million subscribers and almost 12 billion views.

And according to social blade which is the youtube stats website they are one of the fastest growing channels in the world so yeah they could soon catch up with pewdiepie views.

But anyway all of these billions of views would have probably earned them around 12 million dollars.

#1 Ryan’s Toy Review

This one is a huge toy review channel it features a kid called Ryan opening up toys and playing with them.

The channel has gotten crazy popular and has over 21 million subscribers and is one of the most viewed channels right now with over 31 billion views which adds up to around 31 million dollars.

What’s crazy is that Ryan is only 6 and doesn’t understand how rich and famous he actually is I just hope his parents give him a lot of that money and don’t take it for themselves.

So guys i hope you enjoyed this article tell us on the comments below who is your favorite kid youtuber and don’t forget to share on Facebook and Twitter and follow us on Instagram


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Written by Wolfgang Mayer

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