How Do Rich People Spend Their Billions?

Hi, everyone. Spending money when you’re really rich is not easy because it’s hard to decide what to spend it on.

It’s like a smorgasbord, you have a lot to choose from, but it’s simply impossible to make up your mind.

As a result, someone takes just a couple of slices of his favorite food and side dish, while someone takes a whole plate of different delicacies.

The same goes for wealth, all millionaires are different. So today you’ll see what exactly they spend their money on. Let’s get it on.

Golden toilet.

It’s no secret that rap artists are fond of expensive jewelry and especially gold. Over time, this trend started bordering on the absurd.

And celebrities began to use this expensive material in the most unexpected places.

For example, American rapper Brian Williams, a.k.a. Birdman, decided to install a golden toilet in his mansion.

This piece of furniture cost him about one million dollars, by the way. The price of the mansion where the toilet and twelve other bathrooms are located is thirteen point five million dollars.

His house also features two wine cellars, two swimming pools, a home cinema for 13 people.

Wow! A garage for six cars, a bar made from natural onyx and two balconies with ocean views. Well, according to Forbes, Williams is always listed among the richest rappers on the planet, so he can afford it.

In fact, not only rich rappers are known for their love of gold. For example, this golden throne worth about six million dollars has a very eventful history.

It was made of 18 carat gold by Italian conceptual artist Mauricio Catalan in 2016. The creator called his sculpture America.

The item was created for an exhibition at the New York Guggenheim Museum. Visitors could even use it while security guards stood outside.

They even offered Donald Trump to put it in the White House but the politician refused.

According to museum employees, about 100000 people used this gold toilet for the entire duration of the exhibit in New York.

In September 2019, America was moved to the UK to participate in the new exhibition.

The toilet was installed in the residents of the family of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Soon after the start of the exhibition, the item was stolen.

Well, not everyone can afford spending six million dollars on a toilet. You may not believe it, but this is not the last golden toilet .

Once while still a schoolboy, Lang Sai Wang heard that the Soviet leader, Vladimir Lenin dreamed of installing public toilets made of gold.

Well, this didn’t happen when Lenin was alive, but Lang Sai Wang decided to make his idea come true.

After he became the owner of a jewelry store in Hong Kong, he decided to design it in the most luxurious way possible, to toilets, sinks, brushes, paper holders and mirror frames all made of pure gold.

And there are rubies, sapphires, emeralds and amber on the ceiling. All this cost the owner almost five million dollars.

Well, the icing on the cake is a toilet roll made of real 24 carat gold. This ain’t a joke, you could really buy it for one million three hundred thousand dollars.

Australian manufacturers promised the buyer a new level of luxury and even a bottle of champagne upon delivery. You won’t believe it, but there were people who actually bought it.


What comes to your mind when you think of incredible luxury? Well, of course, yachts.

They are an attribute of wealthy people around the world, from politicians to athletes.

Why? First, yachts guarantee privacy and peace to famous people who just want to relax. Second, they also allow traveling from one country to another without having to use public transport.

And finally, it’s simply convenient and comfortable, both for work and relaxing.

So who owns the most expensive yachts in the world? Here is Octopus, which costs 160 million dollars, it belongs to the co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen.

The luxurious 92 metre long yacht can often be seen in various sea ports of Europe from to Sochi.

Another luxury vessel, the yacht Rising Sun, cost its owner, American producer David Geffen, Two hundred million dollars. However, today the cost of a 138 metre yacht is estimated at $300 million.

This 142 metre long yacht is hard to miss, not only due to its impressive size, but also because of a very unusual design.

The luxury ship belongs to the Russian billionaire Andre Melnichenko, who has a fortune of about 13.8 billion dollars.

The cost of the yacht is four hundred eighty million dollars.

Serene Yacht, owned by Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, costs about $500 million.

And all the stuff on board is even more expensive. For example, the media claims that inside this yacht you can find Leonardo da Vinci’s painting Savior of the world.

In November 2017, it was sold for a record amount of four hundred fifty million dollars. The favorite yacht of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovic, Eclipse, is the second most expensive yacht of this class.

The initial cost of this 162 metre long watercraft was about five hundred and ninety million dollars.

However, some sources claimed the price has increased about one and a half billion dollars.

The owner of the most expensive yacht in the world is another Russian tycoon, Alisher Usmanov. The cost of his favorite yacht, Dilbar is between $600 million and one billion dollars.

Art objects.

Steve Cohen, an American tycoon and founder of the Point72 hedge fund, makes billions of dollars and he is one of the most famous art collectors in the world.

His entire collection of paintings and sculptures is estimated at one billion dollars. In 2006, Cohan became interested in Picasso’s painting, The Dream, and agreed to purchase it from casino mogul Steve Wynn for one hundred and thirty nine million dollars.

Everything would’ve been fine, but the very next day, the former owner decided to show the painting to his friends and accidentally tore the canvas with his elbow.

The painting had to be restored, but Cohen nevertheless acquired it in 2013 for one hundred and fifty five million dollars.

The next item from Cohen’s collection is a famous work of the renowned British artist Damien Hirst, with the unusual title, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living.

It’s a reservoir with a formaldehyde solution and a tiger shark placed inside. In 2004, Cohen bought this unusual work of art for an undisclosed amount, which is believed to be about eight to 12 million dollars.

Big money, big money. Not everyone can appreciate classical art, but understanding contemporary art is perhaps an even harder task.

Between 1994 and 2000, the American artist Jeff Koons created a series of five unusual sculptures.

These are balloon dogs made of stainless steel, the yellow one was acquired by Cohen. It’s not known how much it cost it him, but the orange version from the same collection was sold for almost 60 million dollars.

Yes, it’s just a picture of the American flag, nothing special about it. Well, except that it cost the owner 110 million dollars.

The painting was created by artist Jasper Johns Cohen in 2010. What you see is the most expensive sculpture ever sold in the world.

This is the pointing man made by Swiss master Alberto Giacometti. A bronze, 180 centimeter tall sculpture was bought by Cohen at an auction in New York for a record amount of one hundred and forty one million dollars.

Since 2015 the record has not been broken. Cohen could not ignore another star of modern painting. Peter Doyle from Britain, Cohen’s art dealer, acquired his painting, Pine House. Rooms for Rent, in 2014 for a mere 17 million dollars.

Real estate.

Real estate is another reliable investment option. Apartments, villas, cottages, penthouses, you can afford all this if you have a lot of money.

But this house is definitely unchallenged when it comes to luxury.

It’s called Antilia and is located in the center of Mumbai. Thirty seven thousand square meters of area and twenty seven floors which are equal in height to the 60s standard floors.

And all this belongs to one person and his family. The owner of the building is Mukesh Ambani, and he is considered the richest person, not only in his native India, but throughout the entirety of Asia, until he has the largest private residential building in the world.

More than 500 people are required for its maintenance only. The exact cost of this house is unclear, some say that construction cost less than 100 million U.S. dollars.

Some media claim that the value of land in Mumbai is growing rapidly and today Antilla is worth 2 billion dollars, which makes it the most expensive house in the world.

A couple of more facts, the building features 168 parking lots, nine elevators, a small theater located on the eighth floor and the above floors have a spa, hanging gardens and pools.


Do you know what is the best business jet? It’s the Gulfstream G650 with a maximum capacity of up to 18 passengers.

It’s considered the fastest aircraft of its type. And the G650 E-R model also guarantees an increased flight range.

The aircraft can fly up to 15 hours without refueling and costs a little over 66 million dollars. One of its first owners was the founder of Amazon, entrepreneur Jeff Bezos and the head of Tesla, Elon Musk.

Another model of business jets from the same company, the Gulfstream G 550, is slightly more popular among wealthy people around the world as it has already become a classic.

As of 2016, there were around 450 aircraft of this class in the world. Their cost varies from 30 to 50 million dollars and the flight range is twelve and a half thousand kilometers.

Among famous owners of this type of jet are Indian businessmen Lakshmi Mittal, and American billionaire.

Christopher Reyes, by the way, Gulfstream G. 550 aircraft used to be produced under the name Gulfstream V.

In October 1999, an American billionaire, Mark Cuban, bought one of the aircraft of this series for forty million dollars.

Back then, he was mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records as the man who made the largest electronic transaction.


Horses, of course, are different from cars, but sometimes they can also cost a fortune. For example, in 2006, a racehorse nicknamed Green Monkey was sold at auction for 16 million dollars, although the original price was much lower.

This happened because right before the auction, the horse set an incredible record after clearing 200 meters in nine point two seconds.

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, better known by the nickname Fazza, has long been known for his love of animals, though not for love of cats, as is typical for the UAE.

One day, Fazza decided to buy a camel for $2.7 million. Turned out that the animal bought by Fazza won a camel beauty contest, which is why it was so expensive. And finally, a cow worth a million. Yep, you heard right.

In 2009, a Holstein cow, Gold Missy, was sold at a Toronto fair for one million two hundred thousand dollars.

Farmers explain such a high price is due to Missy’s aristocratic ancestry.

The expensive cow was a result of years of breeding the best representatives of the Holstein breed.


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Written by Wolfgang Mayer

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