20 Rich People Habits You Can Easily Get

20 Rich People Habits You Can Easily Get
20 Rich People Habits You Can Easily Get

If only there was some magical button you could push and cha-ching you’re rich.

Well I guess I should quit waiting for the fast track to a big bank account, and instead see what the super wealthy and successful can teach me through their lifelong habits starting with.

Number one written plans

There’s something about writing down your to do list that seems to equal a home run, but you have to be specific about it no broad objectives here only hard numbers.

Such as earning X amount by Y time through Z activities and when you see it on paper you can visualize it that much better.

Number two reading books

Another great way to stimulate the old thinker is with books, they develop your vocabulary imagination and even problem solving skills.

It can be any genre you like both fiction and non fiction, although for most highly successful people education and self development take priority over entertainment.

But the point is read a lot Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, they’re all avid readers.

Number three reading people

Knowing a thing or two about body language can really set you up for success, and this goes both ways.

Reading other people just by looking at them, and knowing how to use your own body language.

Rich people know how to earn someone’s trust, convince others and avoid being manipulated, they stand up straight maintain eye contact and overall ooze confidence.

Number four keep style simple

Hey dressing for success doesn’t necessarily mean donning a suit and tie, just look at Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs both big fans of wearing pretty much the same thing every single day.

Facebook’s founder says that wearing the same outfit means he doesn’t need to waste time on making a meaningless decision, that way he can focus his brainpower on running a 140 billion dollar company.

Number five using public transport

It’s become quite common to see famous faces taking the subway or riding a bike to and from work, what can I say apart from saving their own money on transportation.

And yes a lot of them pinch pennies to such an extent but I’ll get to that later on, they also give a vivid example to others on how to keep the environment safe.

So who needs a private jet when you can take the bus, okay well I could really use a private jet but who’s asking.

Number six making birthday calls

Seems random I know but there’s a statistic out there that 80% of wealthy people call loved ones on their birthday, the same can only be said for about 11% of people who struggle financially.

This all has to do with staying close to friends and family, which could indirectly help your wallet out, I mean if you have a support network of people you care about then you’re generally a happier person, and happy people tend to stay motivated and do better at work.

Number seven choosing friends wisely

Socializing with success-oriented individuals put you in the right mindset, keeps you constantly striving to do better, and let’s face it you’ll have more in common with them.

You can actively discuss similar topics, get some useful advice, and show genuine interest in what your friends and acquaintances have to say birds of a feather right.

Number eight listening more talking less

While you’re chatting it up with your successful friends, maybe focus more on those last two points.

You know getting advice and listening with interest, in general rich people spend five minutes listening for each minute they speak.

Hey do you do most of the speaking or listening in a conversation let me know down below.

Number nine meditating

So you’ve got a to do list to tackle and you’re taking crowded public transport everyday so yeah I’m sure you need something to relax.

Wealthy people gravitate more towards meditation and yoga, and there’s a reason why stress blunts your brain, and you’ll need a clear sharp mind if you want to follow in the footsteps of the most successful people out there.

Meditation can help clear up that mental fog.

Number ten leading a healthy lifestyle

I know you really don’t want diet and exercise to be on this list, but Hey I’m just the messenger.

Successful folk eat less junk food and try to stay pretty active jogging, swimming, playing tennis, or simple gym workouts are among the most popular fitness activities among the wealthy.

And they’re busy people so just thirty minutes of some cardio activity a day will do it, there are all kinds of studies out there showing that a healthy body means more energy a better mood and beefed up brain power but for now, let’s move on to.

Number eleven spending wisely

I’ll just be blunt, rich people can be pretty frugal I’m talking about save every penny Scrooge McDuck style.

For Example it’s normal for a millionaire to purchase things on sale or use different discounting cashback programs.

Like them you should always know exactly how much money you have, how much you’re able to spend, and the most important which goods and services it’s possible to save on.

Because even though somebody with millions could easily throw down boatloads of cash for a pair of designer jeans, why not wait until their discounted or better yet not even go designer.

Number twelve saying no

Sure we all want nice things, but you just have to know how to hold yourself back but it doesn’t stop there, truly successful people can say no in any situation that calls for it.

First of all they don’t overstress themselves and agree to come running at anybody’s need, because well time is money and their time comes with a hefty price tag.

Also they can recognize when say an idea or proposition isn’t going to lead to financial or professional gain, you just have to know the options and realize that it’s okay to politely refuse the bad ones.

Number thirteen long lunches

Yes this might sound opposite to the concept of time is money, but wealthy people usually take an hour or more for lunch.

It’s because the rich understand that it’s better to work smarter rather than harder, a long relaxing mid-day lunch allows you to refresh yourself and return to work ready to put in much more productive energy.

Number fourteen taking risks

They understand that risks lead to rewards, so they’re more willing to go out on a limb because that’s where the sweetest fruit is.

But they generally take calculated risks not reckless ones, no they’re not afraid of failure but they do know how to avoid it and minimize the fallout if a certain risk didn’t produce the rewards they were expecting.

 Number fifteen giving back

Charity and philanthropy are hallmarks of the wealthy, Nelson Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates, that’s just a drop in the bucket of the most affluent people who share their riches with those who need it most.

Giving back to the community through donations and volunteering is a key characteristic here.

Number sixteen controlling emotions

There is a general assumption that the wealthy can afford to be brutally honest, lash out or just treat people however they want, but the truly successful understand that good relationships are a crucial foundation for financial well being, hurting or offending people can obviously sever those ties.

Number seventeen having a goal

You think wealthy people just have it made and they can relax sit back and count their millions and billions, but no they always have some goal they’re focused on and working towards.

Everything they do is done with this primary objective in mind, intense concentration like this is what allows the wealthy to accomplish what others only dream about.

Number eighteen prioritizing tasks

The first thing Elon Musk does in the morning is check and reply to emails, although I’d recommend getting some breakfast in your belly first but the main thing here is to start your day by getting the necessary stuff out of the way.

Okay let’s see your job doesn’t require a lot of emailing at least prioritize your daily to do list by what’s urgent and important, not urgent but still very important, and finally urgent but not so necessary.

Number nineteen staying productive

Remember your parents always saying money doesn’t grow on trees, well it’s true you got to do something to earn it.

Sadly spending hours scrolling through social media getting lost in yet another rabbit hole of cute animal videos, or zoning out in front of the TV isn’t going to do a single thing to help you out.

The wealthy people avoid that stuff and try to stay productive for a reason, if there’s good fruit so yeah I guess money does grow on sort of a proverbial tree of productivity dedication and smart choices.

Number twenty not rushing to retire

It’s not that you’re going to work till ninety because you need to make more money, the idea here is that you won’t ever retire because you don’t want to.

Seems like a weird thought but if you’re doing what you love you won’t ever want to stop, so yes you can make a living from your passion.

And then you’re without a doubt on the road to personal and likely financial success.

so what do you think did any of this light a fire under you somehow tell me all about it in the comments below.

Hey if you learn something new today that can help you on your journey to success give this article a like and share with a friend.

But don’t go rushing out to make your first billion just yet we have other articles for you to check out just scroll down.


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Written by Wolfgang Mayer

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