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How to Maximize Your Store’s Conversion Potential

“During an interview at the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton, a reporter asked him [Einstein] what he thought was man’s greatest invention. Einstein paused but a moment and replied, ‘Compound interest.’”
Bank Performance Annual in 1978

This could be the most important ecommerce guide you will ever read. It is a complete step-by-step guide to get visitors buying – and to buy more over their lifetime – from your Shopify store.

Your store’s ability to efficiently turn a visitor into a sale is the difference between a wildly successful store and one that bleeds on tight 20% margins. I refer to the number of store visitors who turn into customers as your conversion rate. The most common conversion rate is 1-2%.

The metric itself is often flawed because stores have bad analytics that track spam bots, employee page-views, and factor in other behaviors like blog posts. If you write a blog post for your store that gets read a lot, your “conversion rate” will melt! (I will show you later how to correct this.)

One puzzle piece could make all the difference for your store to turn 30% more visitors into buyers. Throughout this guide you will learn what many stores have done to achieve incredible sales.

Some even doubled sales from one small alteration. Drastic changes are not always possible but nor are they always necessary. As you improve bit-by-bit working through this guide, these small improvements add up, until soon enough twice the people purchase from you.

An increase in conversions lets you instantly pocket more money. You can spend more on advertising, out-bid your competitors in AdWords to drive extra clicks, and invest elsewhere for growth to extend your advantage.

You feed the additional revenue created out of “thin air” into further traffic acquisition for added sales. A conversion rate improvement creates waves for years.

How many times do you need to fold a standard piece of paper to make it reach the moon? One thousands times? One million? Scientists calculate forty-two times. People are poor at comprehending compounded numbers.

A 20% increase in product views, 15% boost in add-to-carts, and another 15% jump from order completion is not a one-off boost of 50%. The lifetime sales from your store increase at least by 63% because more people reach the next step to order. If you do $50k a month, that’s now $81.5k.

What do you do with the profit from the $31.5k? You reinvest for more sales. The power of compound! An investment in conversion rate optimization (CRO) is one of the wisest decisions you can make to increase your sales. No one knows the exact conversion rate your store can reach.

Rather than obsessing over your rate, your goal is to improve revenue per visitor month after month. I also want you to think about check-marking your store for the six critical areas of conversion optimization:

  1. Positioning. Get your positioning right and the rest flows to create a greasy chute that nabs sale after sale. I’m horrified at how no other conversion guide or book discusses this lifeline of ecommerce success.
  2. Design. A beautiful store is not one that gets you sales.Amazon is ugly yet functionally brilliant. The crux of good ecommerce design is revenue. Discover the design

principles any store can use to jack-up sales.

  1. Technical. If your visitors cannot convert, they cannot convert. Learn the
    tactics without being a coder yourself to speed up your store, spot mobile
    device issues within one minute on thousands of phones, hunt down broken
    links, and bandage other problems that stop sales.
  2. Product. Get simple tactics to improve your products and make them desirable. Also understand the anatomy of a high-converting product page
    that make your products sell like hotcakes.
  3. Pricing. Price strategies are the quickest, most-guaranteed method to affect
    your profit overnight. Mathematically maximize your profit with simple price strategies.
  4. Checkout. At last, fix the problems your store has with cart abandonment,
    get customers to buy more, and help your fans build your business for you.
    It is the exact formula I use to rocket my client’s sales. I created this ultimate guide to boost your Shopify ecommerce conversion rate because I’ve seen profit growth that has brought tears to the eyes of store owners. 100% jumps are not rare.

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