Lizzo $10 Million Dollar Net Worth & New LA Crib

Lizzo always has plenty of reasons to dance her pants off, the singer, rapper and flute aficionados, she received a Grammy nomination off her third album “Cuz I Love You”.

And she landed herself on Time’s list as the 2019 Entertainer of the Year.

Nowadays, she’s got sponsorship deals coming out her rear end with her songs being featured in Wal-Mart commercials and another one for Grub Up.

She’s also become the brand ambassador for Absolut Vodka and their new line of juice flavors.

She’s even become a fashion icon, having posed for Playboy and I mean Queen with her recent trip to the American Music Awards sporting a miniature purse, going viral with millions and millions of recreations of her iconic look.

Due to her new found success, she’s been able to treat herself to the finer things in life, like bottles on bottles of champagne, an endless amount of Cheetos, trips that Disney land and even bathing in a tub of milk.

Because, well, who would want to do that? Now, Lizzo has defied the odds and climbed to the top of the music industry.

Now, on a recent post on Instagram, she celebrated her album “Cuz I Love You” being certified gold.

She wrote, “Thank you, Atlantic Records. Y’all took a risk signing an indie artist with a built in fan base because I honestly thought I’d never sign with a major label again”.

But Julie and Craig have always treated me like a superstar, even when I ain’t see it.

Back when my set at Mercury Lounge had effed up sound.

The head of the label was there seeing my potential, shout out to my team at Atlanta. Y’all fight so hard for me to break these barriers, and now I can finally say I need a bigger house for these platinum plaques baby”.

Now by the looks of things, she recently got herself a brand new crib. “In my new house. Y’all, let me show you this real quick, period pool. Good morning”.

At the time of this recording, Lizzo was sitting on a net worth of ten million dollars, not bad. And it’s a huge come up from the 3 million she was reportedly raking in just a couple of months ago.

Now, this is largely due to her increased popularity and all the opportunities that come with it.

And it’s no wonder the girl’s dancing like no one’s watching.

With that being said, you think the least she could afford is an outfit that, well, it covers up her big old behind, just saying.

First up, we got to do a little bit of a back story.

Now, Lizzo, she was born Melissa Vivian Jefferson on April 27, 1988, at good old Detroit, Michigan, to parents Michael and Shari.

She also has two older siblings, Vanessa and Mikey. Though her parents were middle-class entrepreneurs running their own business and were heavily involved in the church.

Now, this resulted in the younger Lizzo performing gospel music at a young age. After nearly a decade in Detroit, well, Lizzo and her family, they moved down to Houston, Texas, now with two working parents and older siblings trying to make new friends.

Well, Lizzo, she found herself alone, often passing her time listening to the radio. Now, in the sixth grade, her music teacher asked her if she was interested in playing an instrument.

Now, Lizzo explained that the flute, it shows her and she soon after joined the school’s marching band.

Now, from there, her passion was lit inside of her like none other. She moved to Denver and then to Minneapolis in 2011, where a friend told her the music scene was really starting to take off.

Now it was here that Lizzo, she finally found some stable ground and she started up a number of groups known as “The Chalice” and “Girl Party”.

In 2013, just two years after relocating to Minneapolis, well, Lizzo released her first studio album, “Lizzo Bangers”. This was under the totally gross national product label.

During these years, money was tight and she found herself living in her car or sleeping on a studio floor.

“Life feels like a dream. Like a beautiful dream. But you know what else felt like a dream? Sleeping in my car not eating, cry myself to sleep, not having nowhere to live, not having no money, that felt like a dream too”.

She would also have to shower at 24 fitness, but clearly, not anymore. Her second album, “Big Girl, Small World”, she made the move to Los Angeles and finally things started coming together.

She signed to Atlantic Records where she likely got a few bucks, but the big money wouldn’t start rolling in until 2018 with the explosive success of “Truth Hurts” from 2017.

Now, it was a sleeper hit that climbed to the top of the Billboard charts, and from there, well, a star was born. Not Lady Gaga, I’m talking about LÍzzo.

Alright, let’s take a look at Lizzo’s various streams of money and what she spends her fortune on.

Now, being a classically trained flutist is an expensive hobby. Now a beginner flute could cost around 500 bucks, but it could run to as much as 80 grand.

Now, with Lizzo’s flute being the most legendary of all time. Well, she named it Sasha Flu. “No, no cameras, please. No cameras, please. Oh hi, it’s me Sasha flute, fresh from the MET gala. Oh, have you heard of it? What’s more cat than a flute with a up do”.

Now, I got no idea what exactly Lizzo paid for her flute, but I’m sure she paid a pretty penny. And since she’s become so famous, well flute sales throughout the US, they’ve actually gone up by 30 percent.

Now another big expense of Lizzo’s is groceries. Now, that ain’t a fat joke, she admitted it herself to Time magazine. She’s always opted to have her groceries delivered and she’ll pay the extra costs.

Now, she also travels with an entire entourage of security because fans, well, they could be next level cray cray.

Now as a performer, the biggest chunk of change for Lizzo, it comes from her touring and her merch sales, now she’s had four headlining tours, having traveled all over the U.S. with stops in Canada and in Europe.

Now, of course, she’s selling all sorts of merch, but if you really need some stuff, need some swag, you can check out her Web site.

Now, Lizzo’s new found fame and fortune, it’s open up the doors for her to be dressed in all the designer goods she’s ever desired.

She’s been spotted sporting Marc Jacobs, the whole world took notice of her miniature purse and the cover of Time magazine.

Well, there she sported a thirty seven thousand dollar Mary Kate transue cape, which she actually wore backwards, I don’t know.

Now, these are the times when she likes to wear clothes as opposed to being naked, she does that a lot of her Instagram.

Anyway, she also has a thing for dressing up, having taken the stage as Sailor Moon, also as Cruella De Vil over on IG. “I’m Sailor Moon and in the name of the moon, I will vanquish you”.

She’s also been gifted some incredible bling like a necklace. She’s also got some blinged out shades.

Now, LÍzzo has also managed to secure herself a nice little side career as an actress, having landed a voice role in 2019’s Ugly Dolls. And the role of Liz, opposite J. Lo and Cardi B in Hustlers.

She’s also appeared on television in Brad Neely’s “Harg Nallin Sclopio Peepio”. She’s the host of wonderland. and Yeti Yeti. Now, with all this new found success, Lizzo has not only been able to buy herself front row seats at the Laker games, well, she’s also been able to buy herself a new pad in Los Angeles.

No word yet on its exact location or price tag, but we do know that it comes with a pool, so expect to see more of this.

Alright guys. Huge congrats to Lizzo.

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