Michael Jordan Networth: 8 Stupidly Expensive Things He Owns

So with Michael Jordan being worth two billion dollars, cashing out on Ferraris, buying his own private golf course and even copping a 30 million dollar jet is just the beginning of a stupidly expensive purchases. Now, one of Michael’s most recent purchases came at the beginning of 2019 where he was spotted celebrating on an 80 million dollar yacht.

The yatch was actually so big that by law requires a professional crew on board at all times. But with that being said, there’s plenty of room for any activities with a full indoor bar decorating a tropical theme with special hardwood, 8 sleeping cabins, a gym and jacuzzi as well. Then the outdoor includes dining areas as well.

Even its own basketball court on board. And according to TMZ, the yatch itself costs 840,000 dollars a week to maintain and keep functioning perfectly. Now, back in 2015, Jordan cashed on a Gulfstream G-4 private jet and he had it wrapped in the UNC white and light blue with the Jordan brand logo on the back wing, as well as it labeled N236MJ, standing for the number on his jersey of twenty three, the number of NBA championships he won with six and of course, his initials.

Now, before the upgrades or any cosmetic work was done. The private jet came at a base price of nearly 36 million and then he added luxuries like custom Rolls Royce engines and being able to sit 19 passengers. But in 2017, Jordan decided to give the plane a makeover with a brand new paint job that happened to be Jordan specific design that’s been used for many of the signature shoes.

The new elephant print style now covers the entire plane with colors of urban camouflage, which is popular to the retro Air Jordan 3s. So with both these paint jobs coming at around seven hundred thousand dollars for both of them, the total price of this jet is nearly 50 million dollars. Now, Jordan happened to be introduced to golf by his college roommate just weeks before he left to join the NBA.

But Jordan followed his hidden talent very well over the years and eventually played with icons like Tiger Woods on a regular basis, bought a massive mansion, a private golf course, and then he came on early 2018, making a public who’s gonna open up his very own golf course in Florida, just north of West Palm Beach.

The course itself would primarily be private and will be called Grove Twenty Three, but it would allow close friends and family, as well as pro golfers or anyone highly recommended by MJ himself. A close friend and golf partner of Jordan over the years actually said his reason for wanting to build his own course was that, “Michael likes to play fast and he can’t stand when people won’t let him through. That happens enough out there that he’s gotten fed up. He just steps up, hits, chews your ear off with a smack talk and off he goes. If he knows the guys he’s with, he’ll not even wait. He’ll drive up to the green as you’re back is in the fairway hitting”.

The course itself would include a private club for residents and members, a driving range, 9800 square foot clubhouse and maintenance facilities for any golfer on the course. But the course itself covers two hundred twenty three acres with hills and many trees that float throughout the St. Lucie River. It was estimated to be worth 15 to 20 million dollars when he was initially having it built, but will cost a couple million dollars annually to maintain.

Now, Jordan himself has hardly been in the cars ever since he joined the league and beyond. One of Jordan’s prized possessions is his Aston Martin DB7, that was estimated to be worth around $200000, but is actually gifted to him by the manufacturer. And they gave him the car in a special red variant that wouldn’t be put on any of the other cars similar to it being sold.

Jordan also flaunts his red and black hundred and fifteen thousand dollar Porsche 911 Turbo, that was actually an inspiration to one of his iconic shoe designs, but MJ himself actually own many different models of Porsches all at the same time during his days with the Chicago Bulls. A 930, 964, a 993.

Even Michael’s very own Air Jordans 6 shoes were actually inspired by his red black 911, with the shoe itself being shaped like the car, as well as the black and red color scheme. Another car that MJ’s been spotted in many times is a two hundred and twelve thousand dollar custom Ferrari 512 Testarossa, which happens to be one of his favorites, and he’s been spotted in multiple versions of it.

He’s had one black and one bright red and even had the license plate M Air J. And it’s also a modified special model that few people in the world actually have. But back in 2007, Jordan cashed in on a very rare edition of a car that cost him nearly a half million dollars. This Mercedes Benz McLaren version, an SLR 722, had butterfly doors as well as engine and suspension upgrades to make it better for racing.

And it cost around 450 thousand. But it didn’t last long in MJ’s garage as it ended up on eBay just a few years later with less than a thousand miles on it. But over the years, Jordan’s garage has constantly been filled with a variety of unique cars. He’s had certain ones personally customized by DreamWorks Motorsports, including multiple Range Rovers, a Bentley Continental G.T. and multiple Mercedes Benz.

MJ’s even had multiple Ferraris, including a 599 and has been spotted in and around many Corvettes as well. So with Michael Jordan being recognized as the greatest player of all time, his NBA resume is easily one of the most impressive that we’ve ever seen. So it’s only right that MJ has been living good all these years with his ridiculous mansion collection.

Now, we all know that MJ resided in Chicago for most of his professional career. But nearly a decade after retiring for the first time, MJ cashed in on a 12 million dollar home in Jupiter, Florida, repaid $4.8 million for the land and 7.6 million for the construction of the home, making this mansion one of the most expensive homes in the palm beaches.

But MJ who says he’s an everyday golfer nowadays, actually bought this home from legendary Jack Nicklaus and is ironically right down the street from Tiger Woods as well. But back in 2010, Jordan said the he golfed sunrise to sunset whilst family enjoys everything else about the stunning 28000 square foot home. This massive three acre mansion consists of a guardhouse, a guesthouse and a pool house.

But Jordan’s home itself consists of 11 bedrooms, six on the second floor alone, a huge media room with state of the art electronics and also an athletic wing together with basketball court and workout facility. Having said all of that, since moving in, Jordan said over seven million dollars in renovations put into this home, making it worth nearly $20 million present day.

Now, obviously with Michael Jordan creating such a legacy in Chicago, it’s only right he still spends time there today. Just a few years after he retired from the Wizards, he bought a fifty six thousand square foot home in Highland Park, Illinois, that has everything a legend needs, from an infinity pool with a grass hill in the middle, a custom door from the Playboy Mansion and even his jumpman logo on all of the golf flags around the premises.

But with that being said, the home includes a potting green, tennis court and even a pond filled with fish. Now, up to this point, if you’ve seen anything to do with this home, the main gate of his mansion has the number 23 on it, and it’s pretty much turned into a tourist attraction for the city.

But the area as a whole consists of seven acres, one that inside includes an NBA regulation court branded with his logo, a piano room, a cigar room, an aquarium actually built into the wall, a skylight over the kitchen, nine bedrooms and 19 bathrooms. Of course, it includes yet again a media room, as well as a full sized gym with every piece of equipment necessary and it was actually stated that some of Jordan’s Bulls teammates came to work out here every morning.

When Jordan bought the home for roughly twenty five million dollars, he originally had plans to make it his primary home, but becoming such a golfer after his basketball days and to decide to make the Florida home his main destination, and he eventually put this Highland Park house up for sale at 30 million. But it sits on the market still today.

Now, in February of 2013, Jordan purchased a huge mansion in Charlotte, North Carolina, during a foreclosure sale. So it’s for much cheaper than the house was actually worth. But it makes sense that he did so since he spent most of his childhood in the state. Played in college there for the Tar Heels, and of course, he became a majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

But this 12000 square foot mansion only cost MJ $2.8 million after the house was listed at 3.5 million. And it sits on North Carolina’s Lake Norman. Includes six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, full library, a vintage wooden in-home elevator with built-in telephone on the wall inside, a two-story great room that opens to a terrace patio with enormous pool and spa, and a basement with personal gym and entertainment center.

The lakefront home also happens to sit right off the seventh hole in the Peninsula Club Golf Course, which suits Jordan well. Now with Michael Jordan growing up in North Carolina, as well as playing college ball there, with his playing days in the NBA being over, he still gets used to being heavily involved in the league as he invested into the Charlotte team, which was the Bobcats back in 2006.

But just a few years later in 2010, Jordan made it public he wanted to own the team and he purchased them outright for a reported 275 million. Shortly after, Jordan came out and said, “purchasing the Bobcats is the culmination of my post-playing career goal of becoming the majority owner of an NBA franchise. I’m especially pleased to have the opportunity to build a winning team in my home state of North Carolina. I plan to make this franchise an organization that Charlotte can be proud of. And I’m committed to doing all that I can to achieve this goal”.

Now, according to Forbes, the Hornets franchise is now worth around $1.25 billion. With MJ spending a short time playing professional baseball as well, he’s actually looking to own an MLB team on top of this. And he recently spent five million dollars to have a stake in the Miami Marlins.

Much as like the rare type of player that Jordan was, his watch collection is just as unique. At a Jordan brand photo shoot that also included Dwayne Wade, Jordan and Wade both stuck out their hands with Jordan’s shoes in each, and Jordan was rocking one of his $40000 Ulysse Nardin Sonata watches, that’s white gold and has a huge face with a big date and countdown mechanism.

In a promotional interview for his brand, MJ was rockin a Richard Mille RM32 covered in red and gold was the largest style coming in at a 50mm. The Richard Mille watch cost him one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars, and respectfully so with a full titanium build and big rubber strap. In 2005, Jordan was pictured wearing a UR2R3 watch made by Urwerk that cost Jordan roughly two hundred and thirty thousand.

The watch is known for being quite special with its design being unlike many other watches as well as a working off satellites, and it even has telescoping hands. In a picture taken of Jordan courtside at a Bobcats game in 2013, he was spotted rocking a stunning seventy five thousand dollar Rolex Daytona Platinum.

Jordan had the new 2013 50th anniversary platinum edition with a face as a sefon light green color with brown edging all along the sides with a diamond bezel. And lastly, the 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend in Charlotte, during a press conference, Jordan was spotted wearing another unique piece. This time a red gold big pilot’s watch that was actually limited to only 250 ever made, with it being priced around 32000.

This Anton (Inaudible) red gold case, as well as an annual calendar display. Now, of course, with M.J. being so legendary, anything sold on Michael’s after his playing days is something worth treasuring since his legacy isn’t disappearing anytime soon. And lots of expensive memorabilia of Jordan’s has been sold recently.

Upper Deck, which is a popular sports car business, actually bought the entire hardwood floor that Jordan won his final championship on. Upper Deck, bought the Delta Center’s floor for one million dollars and although there’s not details on what they did with it, I’m sure they incorporated it into many products.

Another crazy piece of memorabilia that was actually sold was a basketball signed by the two icons that went by the initials MJ, Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson. But they both signed this one of a kind basketball after they both shot the music video jam for Michael Jackson that happens to feature Jordan a bunch throughout and has 55 million views on YouTube.

But one lucky fan purchased this signed ball for two hundred and ninety four thousand, which is one of the, if not the most expensive basketball in history. Now, nobody created more hype in college sports than Michael Jordan. And that’s exactly why game worn UNC jerseys are almost impossible to find, with them starting at $100000 to even get your hands on one.

But one person did buy one of Jordan’s game worn jerseys from his sophomore season and it sold for one hundred and fourteen thousand a few years ago. Legendary sports cards that are signed by a player have pieces of jersey in it or out of the rookie seasons are hard to come by. But recently someone bought a 1986 rookie Michael Jordan card for $100000, which is a record for the most ever spent on one card.

And this card is unique because it’s actually graded a perfect 10 out of 10 in all categories. Now one of the greatest plays in sports history is Michael Jordan’s final shot in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA finals, where with 16 seconds left in the game, down by one, he got a steal and took it the length of the court, crossed up and hit his famous shot, leaving five seconds on the clock and going up on the Jazz by one, basically securing them the championship.

This was Jordan’s final shot of his Chicago career, and a fan actually ended up purchasing the rim and backboard that he hit that shot on for fifty seven thousand. Now go check out what the NBA will look like in 2020 and subscribe to stay up to daet with the NBA a hundred percent.


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Written by Wolfgang Mayer

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