Fazza Networth: How The Royal Dubai Prince Spent $15 Billion In A Day

This is Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, also known as the royal prince of Dubai. You can call him Fazza though, that’s probably a little easier for some of us to pronounce. His poet name is Farzan as well. That’s right. This Royal Prince is a published author. He also goes by Fazza on his Instagram of 9.4 million followers.

And while 9.4 million is a pretty high number for Insta followers, that number is mere pennies on the dollar. If you’re one of the wealthiest people on the entire planet, you wouldn’t guess it from looking at Fazza’s Instagram, which mostly showcases his eye for photography and love of animals and sense of adventure that this Dubai prince has an 11 figure fortune.

And while his exact net worth isn’t quite known, you can rest assured he’s a certified multi-billionaire. So let’s see how this classy prince spends all that money.

Million dollar camel.

Admit it, you’d spend $2.7 million on a camel if you could. And not just any camel at that, this particular camel of Fazza’s was picked from a pool of 17000 different camels, his being deemed the best looking. And this camel actually won a camel beauty contest. Fazza has been known to be somewhat of an animal whisperer, having an admirable affinity for falcons, elephants, tigers and plenty of other beautiful creatures.

He seems to genuinely connect with them, so it’s no surprise he’s the proud owner of a variety of different animals from all over the world.

The Quattroelle

With Dubai being a coastal city, it’s only natural the prince would need a boat for traveling, vacation or just to hang out on for a while. Now, this isn’t something you see every day at the beach. Anyone want to guess the price of Fazza’s fabulous mega yatch? Any takers? Well, okay. Trick question. He’s on a couple different yachts over the years, including the $70 million Esmeralda.

However, the most expensive yacht he owns is docking in at one hundred and eighty million dollars. Behold the Quattroelle, an astounding ship bought by Fazza in 2013. This 180 million dollar mega yatch has a gym that was designed by Usain Bolt, a personal spa, several pools and a helicopter landing pad. The name Quatroelle stands for four L’s or Love, Life, Liberty and Luxury.

The yacht has a beautiful alabaster and wood interior with spacious, yet well-furnished rooms. It’s common for the extremely wealthy people of the world to own yachts only for a brief period of time, selling them when something bigger, nicer, more their style comes along. So these yachts can float from billionaire owner to billionaire owner, but always, of course, at a very relaxed pace.


However, if you prefer lounging on land as opposed to the open sea, the hotel Jumeirah Zabeel Saray might be more up your alley. Fazza himself is the owner of this five star hotel, which is located on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. The Palm Jumeirah is a manmade archipelago or group of islands for us non geographers, which was made from sand, pulled up from the sea floor and through a lot of construction built into the islands.

But let’s hear more about this hotel. Zabeel Investments is a private investment company owned by Fazza himself. And while the hotel isn’t owned directly under his name, he certainly has an enormous influence over the company and what properties they purchase. The rumors of the hotel’s production costs hover around 12 million dollars.

This hotel features private luxury spas, beautiful ornament inspired decor, a private movie theaters and plenty of fun for kids. Staying in theme with Fazza’s love for animals, the hotel recently donated funds to a turtle rehabilitation and research project.


So we’ve seen how the prince may spend his time on land or on sea. But how about air travel? The prince has a longstanding appreciation for Boeing aircrafts, as does his father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the ruler of the emirate of Dubai. It’s no surprise Fazza has his own share of private aircrafts.

However, Fazza and his family, have also done a lot of good for the people with airplanes, too. His father recently lent his own personal 747 aircraft to help bring aid to refugees in 2017. Additionally, him and his family purchased 30 Boeing 787 10 Dreamliners at the 12th Dubai Airshow, a deal which cost them eight point eight billion dollars.

However, these planes weren’t for the family. The family bought them for the Middle East’s largest air carrier, Dubai based Emirates. This purchase also increased the price of Boeing stocks 1.1 percent.


With his father being a known Falcon lover, it’s no surprise Fazza too, has an affinity for these fine feathered friends. Fazza buys his falcons from a very special source, a man named Brinn Close. You may have heard about him on the news recently. Brinn Close had a difficult upbringing and was homeless at age 15 until he found his passion for breeding racing falcons.

Fazza tried to buy Brinn’s business for $15 million, but Brinn turned down the offer because he wanted to continue running his business himself. So Fazza has individual falcons flown from Doncaster to the Emirates. Brinn and Fazza have reached a conclusion where Fazza is the sole purchaser of Brinn’s prized falcons. And it seems the two men are happy with this agreement.

While we aren’t sure exactly how much Fazza spends per Falcon, which just for the record can fly 75 miles per hour, we can be sure that Brinn Close is now financially, shall we say, comfortable.


We’ve got it on good authority that Prince Fazza owns a gold Rolls Royce. However, it’s pretty difficult to find a leak photo of the prince with this particular car, but we know you all want to see a picture of a gold Rolls Royce. So here’s a photo of another one from a wedding in the UK. Pretty sweet, right? However, Prince Fazza does have quite an impressive car collection.

And here are a few notable pieces. The Golden Lamborghini. Speaking of gold, try this one on for size. This golden Lamborghini costs a couple million at least, and is one of many in the prince’s impressive collection. Here’s some other notable entries in the royal car collection, the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. In 2014, only nine of these 4.5 million dollar cars were produced, one of them, of course, belonging to the prince himself.

For all you car lovers out there, the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster has a top speed of two hundred and twenty one miles per hour with 750 horsepower and a 6.5 liter V12 engine. Another one of Fazza’s favorite cars is his Aston Martin 177. At one time, this ride was thought to be the most expensive production car in the world.

And though prices have shifted since, it still maintains a respectable price of 1.9 million dollars. This car can go from 0 to 60 in about three and a half seconds. And with a top speed of 220 miles per hour, it’s certainly on par with the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. Okay, how many cars does this guy have? Well, an exact figure is unclear.

We’ll just say the number of Fazza’s cars we’re featuring in this article is hardly a drop in the bucket. With that being said, we’ll show you one more of Fazza’s cars we think is super cool. The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. We mean this in the best way possible, but doesn’t this Bugatti kind of look like a turtle?

Maybe that’s one of the reasons it’s in Fazza’s garage. While this car may have some reptilian physique, it’s also got quite a price tag. This $1.7 million Bugatti can go upwards of 250 miles per hour. So it’s in good company with his other incredible sports cars. Some other wild automobiles Fazza owns are tanks and amphibious cars.

The python, a car which can go 45 miles per hour on water, is a favorite of Fayza as he owns six of them for a mere eight hundred thousand dollars. The prince of Dubai also owns a fleet of $500000 military grade tanks. These Rip shaw tanks are a favorite of billionaires everywhere who like to have some rugged outdoor fun in the sun.

While we’re not sure exactly the reason Fazza purchase them, we can’t assume their main purpose is recreation.. Given the prince’s love for the outdoors and his sense of adventure.

Between driving Bugattis, charting $100 million yachts and racing falcons, the prince must work up quite an appetite. Dubai is well known for their gourmet food scene, being notably famous for their gold flake, black diamond ice cream, gold flake covered cupcakes and even gold flake pizza.

Not known for falling behind the trends, it’s been rumored that Fazza himself ate a burger made with 24 karat gold flake at Eat the World DBX Food Expo in Dubai. The Burg Khalifa, a pun on the Burj Khalifa, a famous skyscraper in Dubai, is made with 24 karat gold leaf and five wagyu beef patties stacked on top of each other with truffle cheese and BlackBerry ketchup.

Yeah, you heard that right. BlackBerry ketchup. Fazza has also been known to frequent many famous restaurants in Dubai. And good news, you lucky tourists, many of these restaurants are actually pretty affordable. Oh, one more thing. Did we mention he loves to skydive? Even the view from the top of the Burj Khalifa can’t compete with what you see at 15000 feet above the earth.

The prince of Dubai has been known to skydive over the Palm Jumeirah as well as many other locations worldwide. Well, there you have it, some of the ways Prince Fazza spends his billions. Let us know in the comments something that surprised you most. Do you know anyone who breeds Racing Falcons or owns $180 million yachts?

Be sure to forward this article to them or to anyone who considers themselves to have good taste. And if you want more updates on the prince of Dubai, you too can join his 9.4 million Instagram followers. And hey, while you’re at it, don’t forget to like & Share.


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Written by Wolfgang Mayer

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