9 FAKE Rich People Exposed As BROKE!

Hey guys today we’re going to be looking at the 9 fakest rich people exposed as broke.

Today people can edit their lives and live how they want using social media, simply photoshopping a picture, applying movie prop money can make you seem like a millionaire with just a few dollars.

However some people are less than careful in doing this and get exposed as broke by all their friends.

#1 Soulja broke

When it comes to one-hit wonders rapper Soulja boy comes to mind, he was huge in the early 2000’s with hits like crank that and kiss me through the phone.

However he’s now not selling as many records, but that hasn’t stopped him from living the rapper lifestyle, or at least acting like he’s living the rappers lifestyle.

One day he filmed a vine with huge stacks of cash, however you can clearly see that the stacks are simply pieces of blank paper with hundred dollar bills on the top and bottom.

He’s also been exposed too many times for wearing a fake diamond watch, which is stuck at one time and he’s even bragged about buying a 4.6 million dollar penthouse.

Only for people to find it listed on Airbnb for a 100 dollars a night, soulja boy may have some money left over but he sure does act like he’s richer than he really is.

#2 Gold plated car

Because one thing the mega-rich seem to love is painting things gold, specifically their cars just walk down any street in Dubai or London and you’ll see gold plated Lamborghinis and Range Rovers.

But one guy in India caught something strange on the street, a man obviously wanted to look like an oil billionaire so he got his car gold plated.

Except instead of really getting a golden car he simply got a cheap wrap, the wrap was so cheap and badly put on it literally was peeling off revealing the cars true black color.

This must have been really embarrassing for the guy as the image went viral he got exposed for lying about being rich by his own car.

9 FAKE Rich People Exposed As BROKE
9 FAKE Rich People Exposed As BROKE

#3 Tai Lopez

We’ll know Tai Lopez from his ads on youtube where he talks about his Lamborghini, he also made a second less famous ad where he claims to own a mega mansion in Los Angeles.

However soon after this came out people pointed out that the house is listed on Zillow as a rental, so he must have a bit of money but some people claim he’s not really as rich as he says.

But it’s also a popular opinion that his famous Lamborghini is a rental as well, what do you think of this guy is he super rich or simply making himself look more cashed out than he really is.

#3 50 Cent

50 cent is known as one of the most successful rappers of all time, however after spending a lot of cash, various lawsuits, child support payments, and divorce settlements 50 cent went bankrupt.

He declared bankruptcy a few years back, and people began making fun of him calling him broke, in response to this he got mad and posted photos on Instagram of him showing off cash.

Because of this a judge called him up and asked if he was really bankrupt as he would have to pay his ex-wife more if he wasn’t.

He then had to embarrassingly admit that the cash didn’t strictly belong directly to him and was just in companies, he admitted to simply withdrawing the money for the photos and then the posting it right back into the bank.

#4 Bugatti Jordan’s

Warning this is probably one of the worst photoshops on this list, people Photoshop themselves with nice cars a lot and sometimes it’s well done and can actually be believable.

However one guy simply took things too far, he thought he’d be able to get away with not only photoshopping himself next to a Bugatti, but also photoshopping himself wearing Jordan sneakers.

The biggest blind he made was that the car was actually at a car show not in the road so he wouldn’t own it even if he did have a photo with it.

Not only that it looks like he’s used Microsoft paint instead of Photoshop as his bedroom can clearly be seen in the background, it looks like he’s trying to save the edit a little by going over his pants but it hasn’t really worked has it.

#5 Lambo Laying

Most kids dream of owning super cars and showing it off to their friends, however because kids don’t have millions and millions of dollars they can’t do these things.

But today with Photoshop they can pretend to make this dream a reality, one kid took a snap of him laying down and photoshopped himself on top of a white Lamborghini.

The top off was pretty well edited & convincing however it seems he got lazy on the bottom off as his feet are square.

He posted this to his Facebook page really thinking it would work but it went viral he sure have some explaining to do after his mom drops him off at school on a Honda civic.

 #6 Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston is another rapper who used to be big but is pretty much a one-hit wonder.

He was giant in 2007 with his hit song beautiful girls, however, since then he hasn’t much been in the limelight, but it hasn’t stopped him from still trying to live a life of a rapper.

Which involves expensive watches, parties, and cars he acts very wealthy on Instagram, however recently he was exposed to wear fake watches.

Also after showing of his car another video of it being repossessed was filmed, it seems like he’s trying to live beyond his means what do you think?

#7 Worst Photoshop Ever

There is a viral image coming around right now called this man should not be allowed Photoshop, now we’ve already seen people photoshopping themselves with money, cars, mansions, and shoes.

They weren’t good but hey at least they tried, but this guy should seriously have his photoshop taken away from him as he didn’t even try.

First off he didn’t even pick a good car to be in front of, But also all he did was crop himself in the front of it, this has to be the worst Photoshop I’ve ever seen and from looking at internet comments it seems people online agree.

#8 Jordan’s

we’ve already seen one person trying to make it look like they were wearing Jordans while standing next to a Bugatti, however I had to include this photo too.

As it’s just too funny one guy took an Instagram selfie using a mirror he then pulled the image into Photoshop, and poorly edited in some Jordan sneakers.

He still looks happy with his jordans, but perhaps he was simply looking at the photos on Google images at the time, however, I guarantee he was not smiling when he read the comment section of his post.

And when it went viral I’m sure this guy had to run out and actually buy a pair so he wouldn’t get totally exposed.

#9 Car

This is another hilarious luxury car Photoshop fail the guy is apparently Indian but for some reason he decided to use the background of a small Danish town not only that.

The license plate actually says which is the website where he pulled the image from, this is one embarrassing photo that the guy posted on his Facebook but ended up going viral on the subreddit facepalm.

I know what they mean as seeing this image and most of the others on this list made me facepalm too if there’s anything to learn from this it’s that no matter how good your Photoshop skills are someone will always see right through it.

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Written by Wolfgang Mayer

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