20 Expensive Dogs Only The Top 1% Can Afford

20 dogs that cost a fortune, dogs are amazing creatures and they come in all shapes and sizes, there are more than 340 dog breeds in the world then only 167 are recognized in the US.

And every dog has a different character, their missions in life vary greatly and some of them cost a pretty penny, as in thousands of dollars.

#20 Newfoundland (about $1,500)

These dogs became famous after they appeared in the movie Peter Pan, despite their size these dogs are gentle and kind.

You won’t have any problems training this dog, the average lifespan of a Newfoundland is from 9 to 10 years.

If you decided that you definitely need the presence of this huge bundle of happiness in your life you’ll need to find 1500 dollars.

And don’t forget that Newfoundland need regular grooming which costs approximately 65 dollars for just one visit to a professional salon.


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Written by Wolfgang Mayer

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