Inside The Lives Of Billionaire Kids

Billionaires have never had it so good, to put it lightly. Fifty million dollar mansions, monstrous yachts and ostentatious lifestyles ruled the bubble of the top 1 percent. So just imagine how spoiled their kids must be. Here we bring you a list of five billionaire families with some of the biggest divas on earth.

Trump family

Look, we have to bring up the most well-known of all billionaire families. It would be weird if we didn’t. The patriarch, Donald Trump, needs no introduction. “Look, I’m really rich”. He’s the current president of the United States and that has allowed his children to achieve power they never dreamt of. His daughter Ivanka is now a major political adviser, despite having no expertise, education or training in the field.

But the Trump kids have been known to live ostentatious existences well before the 2016 election. The whole family has the privilege of staying in Trump’s many properties, including the infamous Winter White House Mar a Lago, estimated at 10 million dollars. Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron, has a $100 million dollar 2-4 penthouse all to himself.

With a beautiful view of the city skyline, you could almost forget that the rooms look like they’re made of gold. In his library is a fifteen thousand dollar book, Goat, a tribute to Muhammad Ali. It’s hard to imagine why he would need all the glitzy space but here we are. When he was younger, Barron would even ride around in a mini Mercedes, complete with a custom license plate.

All many of us got when we were kids was a plastic Tonka truck. On top of all this, his education at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School costs a whopping fifty thousand dollars a year. Trump’s other sons, Don Junior and Eric, are even more showy. They spend their money hunting big game in Africa.

Their excursions go for $50000 per person, the same price as a year of prep school for Barron. They’ve shown off photos of shot animals like elephants, water buffalo, leopards and crocodiles. “Well, they love hunting and they’ve always loved hunting. I don’t. I’ve never been a fan of it. No”.

The fees to turn each of these creatures into trophies range between two thousand to three thousand dollars each. Some of the species are very rare. But when you’re born that wealthy, the survival of animal species must not mean so much when you can show off how you spend your money.

British royal family

Speaking of royalty, let’s turn to some actual princes and princesses. The British royal family is what probably first comes to mind when we think of your typical king and queen. Despite the shift in the power in Great Britain over the last century or so, Queen Elizabeth, the second, and the Windsor family still hold a vast, vast fortune that Princes William and Harry could never run out of.

For starters, they own several ancient, decadent castles, mansions and dream houses throughout England. The famous Buckingham Palace is one of them, filled to the brim with servants, butlers and even musicians that are hired to serenade them when they so desire. While those kids have lived a life of luxury, so are the kids of those kids.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spent eight hundred thousand dollars in preparations for their newborn this year. That included a forty three thousand dollar baby moon for themselves and a three hundred and thirty thousand dollar baby shower in the most expensive hotel in New York. Don’t ask us what a baby moon is. As for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s kid, George, he is already worth about four billion dollars. His sister Charlotte is worth around three billion dollars.

Carter, Jay-Z Beyonce family

We can safely say that America treats Jay-Z and Beyonce like royalty, if they ever had one. Both are insanely successful musical artists, although Jay-Z has amassed much of his fortune through investments rather than album sales. “I pretty much look for partners, you know, as opposed to one off endorsement. You know, just invest in things that you understand”.

They are a billionaire family, unlike the others on this list. As these are pure entertainers, their daughter, Blue Ivy, is already beginning to show signs of being a spoiled billionaire child, something neither parents experienced when they were growing up. Let’s see. We have to address the fact that she has had multiple nannies and stylists since preschool.

You heard that right, a preschooler needed a personal stylist. Someone was paid a whole salary to dress a billionaire kid. Did you know her first birthday cost three hundred thousand dollars? And for her second birthday, her parents rented out an entire amusement park just for her to wander around. She could live in her choice of multiple million dollar mansions located from California to New York.

Blue Ivy can relax on the family’s two hundred and eighty three million dollar Charter yacht. With her mother calling her a cultural icon at seven years old, it’s no shocker that some people have called her spoiled. No pressure.

Gates family

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft reigned for a good couple decades as the richest man in the world. In the early 2000s, Bill Gates pledged to become a philanthropist and give away all of his money. Strangely enough, he is richer today in 2019 than he had ever been nearly 20 years ago. And this wealth only seems to trickle down to his kids.

Notably his daughter, Jennifer seems to benefit tremendously from her billionaire father. First off, her family home in Washington state is a huge mansion worth one hundred and twenty one million dollars. Fitting for a tech giant, the Gates Estate has all the latest technology with an underwater sound setup, a Tony Stark ass computer system and heated floors.

Jennifer also has access to a twenty five hundred square foot gym, a 60 foot swimming pool, a twenty three car garage and a private library with Bill’s personal collection. But this wasn’t enough, she needed to indulge her hobby of equestrian racing. So the Gates family purchased thirty seven million dollars worth of land in Florida to build a house just for Jennifer and her horses.

“When I was 14 or 15, I really realized that I wanted to focus on that and try and compete internationally and become as good as I could”. The house is a 20 stall barn because when you’re that rich, why wouldn’t you install 20 stalls? Plus, she’s even got a jumping arena to practice. The good news is that she’s putting the house to good use. You can find Jennifer actively raising horses and competition.

Richard Branson family

Owner of the Virgin Empire, Richard Branson became famous for his Playboy antics back in the day and well, also today. You could catch him kite surfing with naked models and making cameo appearances in movies like Casino Royale. His kids get to enjoy the fruits of his company’s labor. The family lives on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands.

No big deal, but it happens to be worth 60 million dollars. Of course, it has a beautiful private yacht for his children, Sam and Holly, to enjoy. They can even dive with an underwater aircraft called the Necker Nymph. These spoiled kids can just use a million dollars submmersive plane to explore the ocean whenever they feel like it. But how do they spend that money personally?

Besides the constant vacations and expensive excursions to get away from their lives on a tropical island, they throw extravagant parties. Sam Branson, in particular, utilized his dad’s fortune to host one of the most luxurious weddings in years. He hosted it on Richard’s private game reserve in South Africa and invited both celebrities and royalty alike.

For five days, Sam celebrated with the likes of Kate Winslet and Brian Cox while asking them to spend twenty thousand dollars a night as a guest. No wonder many called it a mere royal wedding.

“Which future do you want? Do you want the future where we become a space faring civilization and our many worlds and are out there among the stars or one where we are forever confined to earth? And I say it is the first”.

Elon Musk family

Elon, Tony Stark esque billionaire, heir to his own family’s fortune. His father was an engineer and owner of an emerald mine in apartheid South Africa. His mother was a famous model, not to mention he was a pretty smart kid. Makes sense that he grew up to become a wacky, ego driven billionaire known for his ambitious ventures into space tourism and Tesla cyber trucks.

“I’ll probably not engage in any set of actions likely to maximize my lifespan”. His children, Griffin, Xavier, Kai, Saxon and Damien may well grow up to be just like Elon someday. For one, the kids grew up in an enormous 17 million dollar estate in Bel Air. Among many, in fact, Elon Musk has a tendency to rapidly buy and sell multi-million dollar homes, either from boredom or for one of his ex-wives.

For their education, Musk really spoiled them by creating his own private learning institution on the campus of Space X.. It’s called Ad Astra and it’s an academy for gifted children aged eight to 14. If you want your children to join the academy, you’re going to have to shell out thirty one thousand dollars every year for an eight year old to learn how to build a flamethrower.

Not much more is known about the Musk children as their lives are being intentionally shrouded in mystery by the family. They are still quite young after all. Regardless, it is only a matter of time before the five Musks grow up into little versions of their father. Feel poor? Not to worry, because now you’re rich with knowledge. Some would even say the richest.

Any other billionaire kids out there that spend their inheritance on crazy stuff? Let us know in the comments . Who knows? We might release a part two with some of your suggestions. We’ll see you soon.


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Written by Wolfgang Mayer

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