Ben Simmons Net Worth: From Australia To a $170 Million NBA Contract

Ben Simmons Net Worth: From Australia To a $170 Million NBA Contract
Ben Simmons Net Worth: From Australia To a $170 Million NBA Contract

Ben Simmons Maybe Sat on the bench during his first season with the 76ers, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t get paid, now with him signing his second contract for five years with the maximum extension to a sum of 170 million dollars, well the kid he’s sitting pretty, it’s the most lucrative sporting deal offered to an Australian born athlete ever and he is not only pulling in Millions on the court off the court he’s also got plenty of endorsement deals.

Hello guys i like to announce that i signed with Nike I’m excited blessed and you know it’s an amazing opportunity for me and my family

when it comes to Cars Ben Simmons has been spotted in a rolls Royce all souped-up, by his pals over at champion motoring city, with baby blue seats on the inside, he’s also been spotted in a Lambo a Ferrari a Bentley and a Range Rover and other luxury cars which seem to make his teammates including Markell Fultz well a little jealous.

Ben Simmons is also a man of fashion he’s often seen wearing, off white, supreme, Gucci, Nike, Fendi and more, also his favorite chain the boxing kangaroo well it’s pretty icy, and him and Kendall they enjoyed taking shopping trips to high-end retailers like barney’s but also relatable spots like whole foods.

There are also his multiple pads with him living in Philly during the season a location he likes to keep under wraps, but his girlfriend Kendall Jenner well she shared some footage online.

The Pair Also gone Dutch on a 25K dollars a month west Hollywood rental so they can kick in for the summer, the most outlandish purchase an obsession Ben Simmons has that you might not know about is his love for pets no this dude he’s bought them all like Pokemon for him from dogs to cats to lizards and rats I guess you could take the kid out of Australia but you can’t take Australia out of the kid.

He stated :

being in Australia being around animals at a young age I’ve always loved animals my first pet was my golden retriever I got him at seven years old I grew up around animals my sister brothers had cats I love all kinds of animals

well he is rich enough now that he can open up his own zoo, Ben Simmons he’s been offered a five year maximum contract extension of a 170 million dollars the various websites online including celebrity net worth, well they estimate his net worth currently at 6 million dollars but that certainly needs an update with this kid earning a cool 5.9 million in his first season, and that year well he didn’t even play so what did he do with the extra free time well he bought more pets and expensive one at that.

Ben Simmons was born in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy on July 20, 1996, to an Australian mother named Julie and American father dave, their dad he played professional basketball in Australia for twelve seasons, during Simmon’s early years his family with six children Bounced between Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra and that was to follow Dave Simmons basketball career, outside watching his dad play ball well ben had a weird obsession with animals from a very young age like all different types there was his beloved dog who just recently passed away RIP .

There were cats there were birds and even a pet rat who he would carry around with him everywhere he went, he really like just sat on his shoulder ben also grew up loving basketball & rugby after moving on from rugby he became an Australian youth basketball star who moved to the United States in January 2013 to play against elite high school competition at Montverde Academy in Florida.

For the 2015 McDonald’s All American he was regarded as the number one player in his prep class by ESPN, despite many people predicting that he’d go somewhere like Duke University well ben he chose to play for Louisiana State University, sports agents and shoe companies they hovered around him in hopes of signing him there he since spoken publicly about all the lavish gifts he was offered during his college year, I mean he was offered gifts including a Rolls Royce and Bentley cars there i also watches jewelry and a houses, scrolling over his Instagram it looks like he held onto a few these gifts who could blame the guy, I mean a Wraith that would set you back around 300 K and Gotta get it when the getting is Good, while at LSU Ben he kept up his old habit of keeping pets around with a cat a lizard birds and a snake who he needed to feed rats to on the regular, them rats well if you’re wondering will set you back around ten Bucks a piece.

For the 2016 NBA draft Ben Simmons he became the number one draft pick, he also signed a three year 18.5 million dollar contract with the Philadelphia 76ers This Puts his average annual salary at about 6.17 million dollars per season, plus the basketball star he also signed a lucrative sneaker deal with Nike said to be worth 20 million dollars that’s over five years with bonuses so when he became you know the rookie of the year well he probably got a little kick.

It was one of the largest rookie deals Nike ever given away, so what did he do with all this money well at the time he was still living in an apartment and he then rolled his ankle so he spent his first season on the bench, but the guy he actually got lonely so he went out and bought himself a dog a cane Corso that is the popular guard dog in Italy, and it weighed a hundred and twenty pounds on average this breed cost between 1800 and 4000 Dollars but the dog was too big for ben apartment so he had to gift it to one of his trainers, after that he wanted something smaller so he bought cats two Savannah Cats to be precise and well these things are basically like Cheetah’s or domesticated Cheetah’s They Are Scary.

The first one a female he bought for 4000 dollars but then he felt she needed a friend so he bought a male for six grand, but the second one it had a vicious temper it would Claw at him and his brother and things got so dangerous well they had to get rid of the cats.

All right let’s talk about his cars the best information comes from Ben’s Instagram account there is his Ferrari capable of going from zero to a hundred kilometers per hour in three seconds it also carries a price tag of around 270 K.

There’s also his Bentley Culinana With a starting price of 327K, he’s got a white range rover with a base price of 89K, but likely he went for something a little more high end might have been around a 117K according to Google search, there’s also a rolls Royce wraith worth another 450K and you know for that one well let’s just give a shout out to the agents over at LSU, there was also a time When Ben was seen shopping for a Lambo on top of this well ben he seems to truly care about fashion he actually Sports a Man Purse on the regular .

When it comes to real estate it’s pretty tricky to figure out where Ben Simmon’s is living ,we know he’s got a condo in Philly during game season but we’re not sure where or how much it’s worth, he’s often spotted outside of the Ritz Carlton so that’s probably as good a guess as any, all that’s really been reported on is his love nest with his girlfriend Kendall Jenner which is located in West Hollywood, there was a two-story five bedroom six bathroom four thousand one hundred forty square foot mansion, no boasts an open floor plan that seemingly combines the kitchen and living room, there’s also an enclosed backyard a pool a spa , glass doors and it offers an abundance of natural light it was last sold in August of 2015 for three million dollars but now it’s used as a rental property that cost 25 thousand dollars a month.

There’s a ton of pictures online I’m no real estate agent so just take a look for yourself there is custom made closets, there’s breakfast bar, there’s a deep soaking tub, there’s a walk-in shower, and I love that Outside pool notably that this is just a temporary home with the couple looking at a new pad in Beverly Hills and that’s going to cost 55 thousand dollars a month .

The couple they enjoy doing normal things like shopping at whole foods in a few local malls, when they do this, fans are quick to take photos and treat them like the paparazzi, Ben also likes to give back he set up his own basketball camp in his native Melbourne Australia back home, there he’s seen as a god and well for a good reason I mean how many professional basketball players moved out of Australia and then stay there and then thrive you know I mean he’s like one of a kind for good reason because ben he’s letting the ink dry on the most lucrative professional sporting deal ever offered to an Australian.

Now he’s making headlines as one of the NBA’s greats of the future and he’s earned himself the nickname the prince that was given to him by King James Himself

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