What 1 MILLION Dollars Gets You Around The World

What 1 MILLION Dollars Gets You Around The World
What 1 MILLION Dollars Gets You Around The World

Today we’re going to be looking out what one million dollars gets you around the world, so for many people, one of their dreams is to become rich maybe even a millionaire.

But when you do become a millionaire the question becomes what do you spend your million on.

Well believe it or not the answer to that question varies massively around the world so guys from Dubai to the USA to Russia to India here are some things you can buy for one million dollars Around the world.


So coming up first we have Dubai, now when one thinks of money one has to think of Dubai, sure not everyone in Dubai’s rich and there is actually quite a lot of poor people there, but the ones that are rich are seriously seriously rich.

They make every other country’s billionaires look very poor so what some of the stuff you can get for one million US dollars in Dubai.

Well first off we have a cop car, Now you may be saying why a cop car costs a million dollars well unlike in the USA these cops in Dubai are not traveling around in Toyota’s & Fords, instead they’re traveling around in Lamborghini’s Ferrari’s and Bugatti’s.

The average cost of the USA cop cars varies around 20 to 30 thousand dollars but in Dubai they can go all the way up to one million dollars.

Now you may be wondering why the cops need a Lamborghini but think about it’s pretty smart, to catch all those people in supercars you’re going to need some supercars yourself.

That’s exactly what the Dubai police thought and that’s why they have million dollar police cars.

Another thing you can get in Dubai for a million dollars is 42 days at the hotel everyone knows Burj al Arab Hotel one of the best hotels in the world.

It was built in 1999 at a cost of 650 million dollars it has been called the epitomy of luxury.

Out on the 25 floor there is the best room this room is absolutely ridiculous & documentaries have been made just on this room.

But it’s going to send you back 24K Dollars every single night so guys if you have a million dollars to blow you can spend 42 nights at this hotel room.

And finally another thing you can buy in Dubai for a million dollars is Tires After All with those million dollar Cars you’re going to need some million dollars tires to match.

These tires are called Ztyre and they’re the most expensive in the world they are made of gold and diamonds & look absolutely amazing and they’re also said to almost never go flat.


Now let’s head down to Russia what could you get in Russia for a million US dollars well first off you can get a watch but not just any watch.

A watch owned by Russia’s richest man I am of course talking about Vladimir Putin the president of Russia.

Now we all know Putin for good and bad reasons I actually have an article coming soon about all the crazy things he owns but one of those things is a one million dollar wristwatch.

It is the Patek Philippe perpetual calendar this is a crazy expensive watch and no one knows how Putin was able to buy this.

If you want to own one it’s going to set you back one million dollars but good luck finding one because they are super rare.

But if you want something even more rare then why not treat yourself to a Russian submarine after the Cold War Russia had a lot of submarines left over.

Some of them were sold to international criminal’s but some of them are still for sale such as the whiskey class submarine.

This is a submarine you can buy for a million dollars and it was decommissioned in 1991 it can go to a depth Of two hundred meters underwater and can also carry over a thousand tons.

United States Of America

Next up is the USA so a big chunk of you guys reading are probably reading within the USA so what can you get in the USA for one million US dollars.

Well one thing you can buy if you are into real estate is a New York City apartment, everyone knows New York City is one of the most expensive places to live in the USA.

And these apartments are proof of that, this one bedroom one bath apartment sets you back a million dollars.

Either you Get amazing views of downtown Manhattan, the Hudson River, and even the statue of liberty, and you get floor to ceiling windows to show off that amazing view to guests.

However, this will cost you a whopping one million dollars just for an apartment, in some areas of the US you can get massive mansions for that price.

Well you won’t find something like that for a million dollars in New York City but let’s say you are super rich and can’t be bothered to do things for yourself.

Well for one million dollars you can get two years of service from a staff of five, that’s right you can get the domestic Staff of five to help you with just about Anything around the house.

This includes a butler a valet a private chef a personal secretary and a housekeeper adds not only these amazing staff they’re actually the highest rated staff you can buy.

You can afford to pay these five staff members for two years for one million dollars, so let’s hope you have many millions so you can keep these guys around for a long time to make your life Easier.

And finally one thing you can buy in the USA for a million dollars is a Bugatti Veyron.

Who would want to rival the Dubai Cops and ride around in an amazing supercar well the bugatti veyron is the world’s fastest car you can buy and drive on the road it is also one of the most expensive and will set you back a one million US dollars.


Next up we have India so India is seen around the world as a pretty poor country, but really it’s just uneven there are many poor people but also there super rich people in India too.

So what does Millionaires in india spend their cash on, well one thing you can buy in India for a million dollars is an iPhone 5 Black diamond.

You may not have heard of this and that’s because it’s a custom made iPhone five, it’s got gold and diamonds plated onto it & costs around 72 Million rupees this is equivalent to One million US dollars.

But let’s look at a real example of an Indian millionaire splashing his cash, Datta Phuge is an Indian businessman & millionaire he made headlines a few years back when he ordered a shirt for him to be made purely out of gold.

He got the nickname the gold man and wears his gold shirt with pride, however it said to cost him up to one Million US dollars It’s not exactly what I would spend a million dollars on but whatever floats your boat I guess.


Now let’s head over to Scotland what can you get for one million US dollars in Scotland.

Well Scotland is known for its rich history and what could be more rich and historical than buying a castle.

Well that is exactly what you can get in Scotland for a million dollars, and that’s actually pretty cheap seeing there is 40 bedrooms in the castle.

Also that’s right the Scottish castle cost less than a one-bedroom apartment in London, the castle is said to be called the castle of spite it was built in 1905.

But why is it called the castle of spite well that’s because the Duchess of Sutherland was not listed in the will of a husband, this was a very spiteful thing to do and it turned into a very long historical legal battle.

She did end up getting the castle but fast forward to right now you can buy the castle for one Million dollars.

Another thing you can buy for a million dollars in Scotland is one of Scotland’s most famous products, that is a bottle of whisky but not just any old bottle of Jack Daniels.

Instead, this is traditional Scottish whiskey made sixty years ago it’s called the Macallan 60-Year-Old 1926 and only twelve bottles of this whiskey are known to exist in the world.


Next up we have Belize so what exactly can you get in the tiny country of Belize for a million dollars.

Well you can almost buy your own country, if you don’t get what I’m saying is you can actually buy a private island which is connected to the country for a million dollars, that’s right this private island is under the jurisdiction off Belize.

But if you have a million dollars handy you can buy the item for yourself and create your own paradise this is pretty awesome to spend a million dollars on.

And also crazy luxurious but if you guys are in the mood for privacy & Luxury then I highly suggest buying this private island.


Somalia is a very poor African country and that means you can buy a whole lot for a million US dollars

In Somalia instead of buying just one luxury home you can actually get ten luxury homes for a million US dollars.

The average cost of a luxury home in Somalia is a 100K dollars, so you can actually buy ten of them for a million dollars.

That’s right you can buy an entire street of luxury homes for a million dollars in Somalia, another thing you can do is buy a farm in Somalia for a million dollars.

One million dollars will get you up to fifty thousand goats in Somalia, so if you feel life is getting too complicated then move down to Somalia buy some goats and make your own farms.

Just make sure you have one million dollars handy first.

So guys that is what one million dollars gets you around the world, do you think these things a good thing spend your money on or do you think that’s a big waste?

Also, comment below what country you are from and what you can get in your country for a million dollars.

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Written by Wolfgang Mayer

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