10 Most Expensive Private Jets In The World

When you become super wealthy, it’s important to be able to travel in comfort and style. For those whom first class cabins won’t do, there’s always the option of buying your own private jet but even these come in a wide range of prices and sizes. From the smaller luxury models to the ornate flying palaces, these are ten of the most expensive private jets in the world.

Number 10, the Gulfstream G500- 44 million dollars.

The Gulfstream G500 is the company’s newest design, with the first only being delivered to a customer in September of 2018. The 91 foot two inch long jet has a wingspan of 87 feet and an inch, a cruising speed of around four hundred and forty eight miles per hour. And in its delivery spec, there’s room for 10 people to sleep.

The interior is incredibly luxurious and includes 27 inch wide seats, ample headroom to walk around, height adjustable conference tables and plenty of storage room. With a price tag of 44 million dollars, the cabin can be customized to your requirements, such as, the choice of whether the galley is in the front or the back, and it comes with high speed internet access that’s said to be 30 times faster than other planes in its class.

As with all private jets, the running cost can significantly increase the total overall price. But the G500 has been designed to be as economical as possible. The total annual budget, which includes flying for 400 hours, is approximately $2.4 million, which averages to the cost of $13 and 22 cents per mile.

Number nine, the Embraer Lineage 1000E.

Based on the Embraer Lineage 190 regional jet liner, the Brazilian company describes the 1000E as an ultra large business jet with a spacious interior big enough to easily accommodate 19 people. It’s just shy of 119 feet long with a wingspan of 94 feet and three inches and has a range of five thousand two hundred and ninety four miles at a cruising speed of five hundred and forty three miles per hour.

The interior cabin is split into five sections, which includes a walk in cargo area, to the rear, a master bedroom, a bathroom with a walk in shower, an entertainment lounge and a dining area. And if you happen to have change from the 53 million dollar asking price, well, there’s plenty of further optional extras that can be fitted.

Embraer design chief, Jay Beaver has overseen lavish redesigns of interiors that are built to customer’s requirements, including the Kyoto airship, along with skylights and the Hollywood airship, which imbues the style and luxury of 1930s Tinseltown.

Number eight, the Gulfstream G650ER- 71.5 million dollars.

The 71.5 million dollar G650ER is Gulfstream’s flagship product, and as you would expect for the model held in such high regard by the company, it’s one of the best you can buy that’s specifically designed as a private jet. It’s an extended range version of the G650 and can travel a distance of eight thousand six hundred miles at a cruising speed of 560 miles per hour.

It’s ninety nine feet nine inches long and ninety nine feet seven inches wide and has a 2138 cubic foot cabin that can be configured for between 11 to 18 passengers. The interior is decorated with rich leather, fine wood veneers and handcrafted stonework. It includes a standard audio and high definition TV equipment, a convection oven, a series of 26 inch wide screen televisions, and it comes fully equipped with dinnerware and cutlery, so you’ll be ready to entertain.

By using an app on your smartphone, you’ll be able to control the temperature, lighting, the shades and the windows and entertainment devices. While you’re onboard the wireless network that’s connected to two multi-channel satellite systems and ensures that you’re kept in contact with the ground.

It’s cruising altitude is fifty one thousand feet, which keeps it above commercial traffic and weather. But the cabin is pressurized to around 4000 feet, so you’ll hardly feel like you’ve flown at all.

Number seven, the Bombardier Global 7500- 73 million dollars.

The Bombardier Global 7500 is, according to the company, the world’s largest and longest range business jet with a range of eight thousand, eight hundred miles. This gives the ability to make a nonstop flight between New York and Australia in ultimate comfort with four customizable living spaces, as well as an additional crew resting area.

Bombardier offers a range of options when it comes to the setup of the interior, with choices of a master suite with a walk in shower, a club suite with four ergonomic seats, large TV and windows, a conference suite with room for six to sit and eat, an entertainment suite and even a private three person suite. Without buying a larger plane and refitting it for your needs, this is as luxurious a private jet as is possible to buy.

Number six, the Boeing 757- 100 million dollars.

In 2011, Donald Trump bought a Boeing 757 from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and gave it exactly the type of makeover you’d expect from Mr. Trump. Far beyond simply having his name painted on the outside, the interior is what’s made this a 100 million dollar purchase. It’s powered by a pair of Rolls Royce RB211 turbofan engines and can fly for 16 hours at more than 500 miles an hour.

The refurbishment of the plane that, in a commercial setup can carry up to 200 people, now has room for just 43. Some of the features include a bedroom, a dining room, a private guest room, an entertainment room. And this jet even has a 24 carat gold bath. Yes, you heard that correct. Every seat has a personal TV screen as well.

With access to an entertainment system that offers a library of more than 1000 movies and 2500 audio CDs. There’s also gold everywhere, including on the seat belts and the family logo is stamped on virtually every object in the cabin.

Number five, the Airbus ACJ319 Neo- 101.5 million dollars.

The Airbus ACJ319 Neo is a new model of jet that completed test flights in early 2019, and the first is currently scheduled for delivery in 2020. Airbus has taken the popular A320 Neo and added new engines and extra fuel tanks to extend its range and have partnered with Falker technique to customize the VIP cabin onboard.

There’s a focus on weight reduction to make this jet as economical to fly as possible. That doesn’t mean luxury is the second priority. The state of the art cabin is built with all the latest technologies, such as low altitude cabin pressure, entertainment facilities, private cabins, a conference room, and permanent connection to the Internet through satellites.

In trials, it recently completed a 16 hour flight at around 500 miles an hour with a configuration that could seat 162 people. The first of these, 101.5 million dollar jets to be produced is for K5 Aviation in Germany. But with 14 on order, it’s quite possible there will be one on the way to a billionaire near you.

Number four, the Boeing 787-8 BBJ- 324.6 million dollars.

The Boeing Dreamliner first went into commercial use in 2011 and it was inevitable that they would release a business version of the jet, something they did by 2014. The first one was built in collaboration with Kestrel and Greenpoint Technologies, who spent two and a half years designing and installing the custom interior.

The least price of the 787-8 is 224.6 million dollars and the upgrades cost a further $100 million. But as you’ll see, it was all worth it as they have converted the plane into a 2400 foot luxury flying home. The master suite, accessible from the entrance, is completely separate from the rest of the cabin and is designed to be an oasis of silence.

It has a California king sized bed, a huge bathroom with marble sinks, a double sized walk in shower and even heated marble floors. Those with a lot of luggage are catered for as the master suite also comes equipped with its own dressing room, a walk in closet, a refrigerator and a safe.

Beyond the private quarters, the jet has an open main lounge designed to feel as spacious as possible and includes two day beds in front of a 55 inch flat screen display, along with other seats that have their own monitors. To the rear of this cabin is a VIP lounge and then behind it is the guest cabin with 18 first class reclining seats and a row of premium economy seats for the staff.

The jet has a range of eleven thousand five hundred miles, so you can reach virtually anywhere on earth.

Number three, the Boeing 747-8 VIP- Over 367 million dollars.

The 747 is probably the most famous commercial airliner in the world. But for those able to afford it, Boeing also offers a private version of the jet, costing 367 million dollars for the base model. One recent and confidential client is said to have spent another a hundred million to upgrade the interior. Powered by four General Electric Gen X engines, it can fly 9200 miles nonstop at six hundred and forty five miles an hour and can be customized into virtually any configuration a client would want.

The recent craft designed by Greenpoint Technologies made use of the four thousand seven hundred and eighty six square foot interior to include a state room, three large lounges, an office and a huge dining room with a table that seats 14 people. This is also the model that’s been announced to be the replacement for Air Force One, and at an estimated $660 million will likely become the most expensive private aircraft ever to be constructed.

Plans involve making two jets resistant to meteor strikes, nuclear war and terrorist attacks with the ability to deploy flares, jam radars and refuel in midair. On board, they’ll be able to seat about 100 people and all the equipment needed to run the entire country.

Number two, the Airbus A340-300- 350 to 500 million dollars.

What’s thought to be the second most expensive private jet in the world is owned by one of Russia’s wealthiest billionaires, Alisher Usmanov. Based on an Airbus A340-300, which has a purchase price of 238 million dollars, an extensive refit means this particular jet will have cost in excess of 350 million dollars, although no one knows quite for sure.

At 209 feet long and with four engines, it’s the biggest private jet in Russia and has a range of ten thousand three hundred miles with a cruising speed of 540 miles per hour. The high costs and high fuel consumption mean that this model isn’t often used by civilian air fleets. But when you’re one of the richest people in the world, it’s unlikely to matter.

Very little is known about the interior of Usmanov’s jet, though, as no images have ever been released. What is known is that it’s registered in the Isle of Man with the registration M-IABU, which means I’m Alisher Bourkhanovich Usmanov and is named Bourkhan after his father.

Number one, The Airbus A380- over 600 million dollars.

Also known as the Flying Palace, the most expensive private jet was conceived and ordered by Saudi Arabian Prince Al-waleed bin Talal in 2013. But he apparently sold it to an unknown buyer before even receiving delivery of the plane. It’s a fully customized Airbus A380, which is the largest jet that’s flown by commercial carriers and costs 400 million dollars from the assembly line.

Refitting the interior of the double decker plane costs at least $200 million and could actually have been far more. For this expense, the prince installed a concert hall, a Turkish bath, a luxury car garage, so he could take his prized vehicles anywhere he goes, and a prayer room with computer controlled mats that automatically rotate to face Mecca.

There are five bedrooms which each have an ensuite bathroom, a king sized bed and a dining area, a meeting room and even a luxury dining room where each of the 14 seats is equipped with foot rests, massages and adjustable supports. There’s also a board room and a laid back lounge. But undoubtedly the most standout feature of this jet is the throne that’s pride and placed in the center.

The A380 has a cruising speed of 560 miles per hour and a range of 9200 miles. But you probably won’t notice how long your trip is with amenities like this. Well, I feel like I’ve been in an airport all day, I don’t know about you.

And if you had a few hundred million dollars to spare, let us know how you design and decorate your own private jet.

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